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Who knew trashy could be so chic?

I went to Fashion Trashion last Friday and it was so amazing! Some of the outfits didn't even look like trash! Studio Art students made their outfits out of so many things, from Ramen noodle packages to cigarrette cartons to used coffee filters. It was in the Black Box Theatre of HFA. That's my favorite theatre on campus. It's so intimate. There was also a preview of How You Like It during Fashion Trashion and I am officially pumped to see this play. It's going to be amazing. I know I have said this before, but it never ceases to amaze me how much artistic talent there is on this campus.

The event was free and fabulous.

Saturday night the UMMY's were held (also free!). Students create short films which are shown and then win various UMMY's. (GET IT?!?! It's like the emmy awards, but it's the UMMY AWARDS. Cause we're UMM...Emmy, UMMY...) Anyway, the films were excellent this year. I'm terrible at film making. I've never taking an class for it and I've only had to make a short film once for my French class last semester. It was fun, but the editing process was so tedious to me. The knowledge that editing these films is so time consuming definitely helps me appreciate the effort made by those contributing with the film.