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Zombie Invasion!


They are coming for you! They are everywhere! They'll eat your brains! And the humans onlly have their socks and their wits to defend themselves. That's right zombies have invaded the University of Minnesota Morris. Today at noon marked the first day of the Zombies versus Humans war here on campus.

So what is it, you might ask? Zombies vs. Humans is a campus wide version of tag between two teams (zombies and humans) for ten days on campus. The zombies try to tag (infect) as many Humans as possible while the Humans do their best to fend off the zombies by throwing socks at them which will paralyze the zombies for about 15 minutes so that they can escape. However, once infected the Human joins the Zombie team and has to try to infect other people. Participants show that they are playing by wearing bandannas: on your arms if your human or on your head/ neck if your a zombie. Most of the students on campus are playing the game which is pretty cool. Plus there are daily missions for the Humans and Zombies to keep the game interesting such as the Humans have to escort the Director of Student Activities across campus without him getting infected by the mobs of zombies.

zombie vs human.jpg

People are really getting into the spirit of game. I've been carrying a supply of balled up socks as I creep around campus trying my best to avoid the zombies. Other Humans have started to walk in pairs so as to better fend off the zombie ambushes.

There are 320 people playing. One zombie has been reported so far. Tomorrow more Humans (the Resistance) will be reported as having turned into Zombies.

So the real question is how long will a NINJA last against the Zombies?




Reference: Above picture is an illustration from the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith