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May 11, 2010



One final down. Two radio shows to go. Then I'm home! I'm excited to be going home but I know I'm really going to miss my friends, UMM, and Morris. However, this summer promises to be adventure. First, some college friends and I are going camping in Gooseberry Falls State Park for week to check out the waterfalls, explore Duluth, hiking, and enjoying the companies of great friends. Then I get about a week free of obligations to train dogs, go kayaking, hang with high school friends, and start some new art projects.


Then I start my internship in Swift County as a 4-H Summer Intern Assistant. From what my employers have told me, they will keep me very busy by having me organize and run day camps, office work, public relations and whatever else that comes up. This job lasts all summer so I won't have to worry about being bored.


Whatever free time I have left I will be roaming the roads of central Minnesota with my bicycle, keeping up with the new movie releases, concerts,hiking, reading, drawing, hanging with friends, training practicing Taekwondo, other martial arts, and at the very end my college friends and I reuniting to attend the Renaissance Festival and the MN State Fair before we hit the books and homework again for a new term at the UMM.


I can hardly wait!!!!




May 9, 2010

President Ninja


This is it! Finals week begins tomorrow. Throughout campus, students are studying for final exams and finishing final projects/papers. Personally, finals week is my easy week. I only have one exam and a final radio show to do before I say my goodbyes and go home for the summer. Last week on the other hand, was crazy I had 5 major projects to do, a personal finance exam, and two practical exams in my Taekwondo class. :P Note to remember for next year: Never procrastinate otherwise you'll be doing a lot of all-nighters.

On an exciting note, the Taekwondo Club was approved the other week so now the UMM has an official Taekwondo Club that anyone on campus or in the community can participate in. I 'm really excited about the club because by having a club next fall there will be more time to practice sparring, footwork, kicking, and other techniques. We also had elections for the club last week which is how I got made President of the club. Already, I'm busy trying to coordinate members' schedules for summer practices and preparing for this fall.

chef ninja.jpg

A bit of Ninja advice for Finals Week: Take a break and bake something fun like brownies or cookies with some friends. Not only will you have lessen your own stress by hanging out with friends but you'll also have yummy treats that will keep you energized for study sessions.


May 6, 2010

Winding down

It's been a somewhat slow week-before-finals week. It seems like there's a frenzy of activity but yet the clock has it's own agenda....Anyways, today I took my first final which went well I thought. It was a "blue book" which, for those of you who are not familiar, is basically a small loose leaf, folded in half with a blue cover to make look like a book, book. Evidently, blue books are much harder to explain...Basically, it's for professors to easily haul essay tests, instead of lots, and I mean, LOTS of single loose leaf sheets.

Today, my final was in East Asian Politics. It was largely about the political, economic and societal issues in North and South Korean and Japan. Looking over my review for this class, I was surprised at just how much material we covered! Luckily, I found a great study group to help review before the test! I lucked out even more, because one student in our study group was from Tokyo, Japan as an exchange student in Morris. So, having a native explain Japan's political history made the review go a lot more smoothly.

Anyways, the final went pretty well so I'm looking forward to my Spanish class' fiesta tomorrow! My Spanish class is slowly winding down, and my teacher is going to bring treats for us tomorrow while we chat in Spanish. I'm really excited! This weekend, I going to try to take a more relaxed approach to studying. I also have a philosophy paper I need to finish up. But other than that I just have about 2 big finals to study for: Analytic Feminism (my philosophy class) and Principles of Art (an art history class). With one final under my belt I feel a lot more confident in my studying ability.

Along with studying, I also have to pack up my things and move out of my dorm room! Crazy! It's so weird that it feels like just yesterday I was packing/cramming my stuff into my parent's car. Now, I have to re-pack, throw away, and organize all my clothes, books, etc. All in all, it also feels nice that my freshmen year has gone pretty smoothly and that I SURVIVED and had tons of FUN! I'm met a lot of new people and learned lots of lessons in Spanish grammar, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, eco-feminism, Ancient Greek Architecture, and more! Overall, I'm grateful for the wonderful learning experience in and outside the classroom.

Have a wonderful summer!


May 2, 2010

Almost there

It is almost time for finals. There is one final week before finals and before summer break. I'm getting pretty anxious for this school year to come to an end. I'm looking forward to not having to be at class everyday. Although, I am taking a May term course so I will still have class for the rest of the month. That class will be software design 2 which will work like an actual work week where we will be working on a project from about 9am to 6 pm so that should be interesting. After that I will be working as a peewee coach and all that fun stuff so I'm really looking forward to that. I am also looking forward to having more time to spend with my two great nephews. They are growing up pretty fast so I need to make sure I spend the time with them while I can. Hopefully the summer goes a little slower than this past year has. It seems like only yesterday I was starting my sophomore year. I'm halfway to graduating. Now that is some pretty exciting stuff. I've only got two finals this semester so I have very little stress when it comes to studying. Though there still is some stress there. The studying should go by just fine and the classes are all starting to wind down so that is very good. I'm hoping that I can move to my off campus house before the may session starts. Well that is all I've got for now. This will more than likely be my last blog entry for the year.
-Catch Ya Later