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President Ninja


This is it! Finals week begins tomorrow. Throughout campus, students are studying for final exams and finishing final projects/papers. Personally, finals week is my easy week. I only have one exam and a final radio show to do before I say my goodbyes and go home for the summer. Last week on the other hand, was crazy I had 5 major projects to do, a personal finance exam, and two practical exams in my Taekwondo class. :P Note to remember for next year: Never procrastinate otherwise you'll be doing a lot of all-nighters.

On an exciting note, the Taekwondo Club was approved the other week so now the UMM has an official Taekwondo Club that anyone on campus or in the community can participate in. I 'm really excited about the club because by having a club next fall there will be more time to practice sparring, footwork, kicking, and other techniques. We also had elections for the club last week which is how I got made President of the club. Already, I'm busy trying to coordinate members' schedules for summer practices and preparing for this fall.

chef ninja.jpg

A bit of Ninja advice for Finals Week: Take a break and bake something fun like brownies or cookies with some friends. Not only will you have lessen your own stress by hanging out with friends but you'll also have yummy treats that will keep you energized for study sessions.