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Winding down

It's been a somewhat slow week-before-finals week. It seems like there's a frenzy of activity but yet the clock has it's own agenda....Anyways, today I took my first final which went well I thought. It was a "blue book" which, for those of you who are not familiar, is basically a small loose leaf, folded in half with a blue cover to make look like a book, book. Evidently, blue books are much harder to explain...Basically, it's for professors to easily haul essay tests, instead of lots, and I mean, LOTS of single loose leaf sheets.

Today, my final was in East Asian Politics. It was largely about the political, economic and societal issues in North and South Korean and Japan. Looking over my review for this class, I was surprised at just how much material we covered! Luckily, I found a great study group to help review before the test! I lucked out even more, because one student in our study group was from Tokyo, Japan as an exchange student in Morris. So, having a native explain Japan's political history made the review go a lot more smoothly.

Anyways, the final went pretty well so I'm looking forward to my Spanish class' fiesta tomorrow! My Spanish class is slowly winding down, and my teacher is going to bring treats for us tomorrow while we chat in Spanish. I'm really excited! This weekend, I going to try to take a more relaxed approach to studying. I also have a philosophy paper I need to finish up. But other than that I just have about 2 big finals to study for: Analytic Feminism (my philosophy class) and Principles of Art (an art history class). With one final under my belt I feel a lot more confident in my studying ability.

Along with studying, I also have to pack up my things and move out of my dorm room! Crazy! It's so weird that it feels like just yesterday I was packing/cramming my stuff into my parent's car. Now, I have to re-pack, throw away, and organize all my clothes, books, etc. All in all, it also feels nice that my freshmen year has gone pretty smoothly and that I SURVIVED and had tons of FUN! I'm met a lot of new people and learned lots of lessons in Spanish grammar, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, eco-feminism, Ancient Greek Architecture, and more! Overall, I'm grateful for the wonderful learning experience in and outside the classroom.

Have a wonderful summer!