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And We're Back

ahhh class is back in session! school.jpgWe've been at it for more than two weeks now and things are going great. Classes are going smoothly I've got a decent sized credit load. My classes are physical geology, intro to symbolic logic, professional ethics, and models and computing systems. I'm enjoying them thus far and have already made it through one quiz yay!. I've been keeping busy with all my clubs and organizations. I'm the program director for the radio station... KUMM, yeah the call letters are pretty funny, they are meant to be that way. In case you are wondering and are around the area we broadcast at 89.7 or online at kumm.org, I had to make the plug sorry. I've also been keeping busy with the acm club which is basically the computer science club. I am the vice president, so the responsibilities I have are endless... okay not really but I'm very busy. Yet, I find time to do my job and my blog for it. Well it appears the time I have is winding down. I'll be back next week.
- Catch Ya Later