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Are We Done Yet?

I don't even know how long it's been anymore. I've had tests, papers, and just about everything you can think of to do and I'm not sure when I am. (If that makes any sense) Luckily for me things have been going at an even pace, even though that pace is somewhat fast. I'm prepping for a coding contest up in Thief River Falls which is way north of hear but should be a fun trip none the less.There is a coding dojo tonight for those who want to come and have a little fun or even just watch, though one thing that is needed from everyone is at least five minutes in... The Chair. the chair.jpg
Okay not really that chair... though that is a pretty weird looking chair. Basically what that means is everyone needs to drive a little. Driving is basically taking a turn at the keyboard. It should be a fun time and from what I remember my prof telling me there will be pizza there. Anyway this week should be like just about every other week other than the fact that I have TWO EXAMS!! I have a midterm in my geology class and an exam in my models of computing systems class. Oh Boy! Well I guess that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later