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Open Mic!


Yo, I'm back and I survived my round of exams. That was a huge relief. Attempting to remember 900 years of medieval history as well as the thesis behind argument rhetoric principles is just a bit tricky. But its over and now I have a slight break until next week when I start my Accounting Exams. :P

However, there is a lot more going on about campus besides exams. UMM had a major celebration to commemorate its founding which meant free music (tons of live bands), free food, and some other interesting stuff last weekend. Even better is Open Mic night tonight! Open Mic Night occurs in the Turtle Mountain Cafe every last Thursday of the month. Its kind of like a talent show; students do all kinds of stuff to showcase their talent everything from singing, instrumentals, band wars, comedy routines, storytelling, etc. Its probably may favorite part of the month cause it gives my friends and I a chance to hang out, lattes, and fun entertainment.


In addition to that I'm heading home this weekend to raid the fridge, do genealogical research and to do some minor car repairs. I love UMM but its nice to go home occasionally for a break from the hustle and bustle.


Gotta go, there's accounting homework to do and a latte with my name on it!

P.S. Second Quidditch match of the season is this weekend!