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"Where's Ninja?"


"Where's Ninja?" Is a phrase I often hear from my roommate and she's right. Trying to find me on an average day at UMM is worse than hunting for Waldo in the comics. You might find me at the RFC running laps, in class, ninja training in the PE center, grabbing a coffee in the TMC, baking cookies in Gay 2-3, chillin' in the apartments, or sifting steadily through my homework in the library. And that's a low key day-I have to start stepping up my game cause the first round of exams/papers are around the corner.


But what's new? There was a lecture on Hippies earlier this week that was fascinating. I never realized that there were so much to hippy culture. For instance, the word, "hippy" can be traced back to the word "hipster." Besides that I have been doing a crash course on the real Vikings (the ones without the purple) so now I know that Vikings have a complex folklore and crafted ships that could sail through the oceans or through rivers because they rode so high in the water.


So with those thoughts mixing with the Genealogy and Accounting homework I need to do before tomorrow morning. And a radio show to plan out. This Ninja is off to perform yet another disappearing into the wilds of UMM!