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October 28, 2010



Yo!! There's a buzz in the air and its not just the Statistics professor's bee costume. This week registration for spring classes started so everyone's been trying to figure out classes-any friends taking it? how hard? what's the prof like? do i need it? 20 credits isn't too many is it? I was pretty pleased with the classes that I'm taking next semester 3 history courses, photography, italian cinema & lit, and taekwondo. ufff-da! I'm really excited about the photography course. I've been doing photography for years but I'm really interested in learning how to develop my own photos.


Not to forget Halloween is this weekend; so there's tons of stuff going on from tricks to figuring out costumes, to Haunted Halls, Haunted Barns, Hall Floors to Zombie prom to Halloween dances, Rocky Horror picture show, etc.Which remind me I still need to find a zombie costume and pick-up my Catwoman costume. But aside from the festivities, the best part for me personally is that one of my friends from the Duluth campus is in Morris for visit.With that and all the stuff going on its for sure to be a fun weekend. skele.jpeg

One last thought before I go-Who can conquer zombies? The ninjas or the pirates? ????




Answer: always the ninjas!

October 21, 2010

Multi-Cultural Student Leadership Retreat!!

This past weekend as most of you all know, Morris had Fall break and I decided to stay here because of the retreat I had signed up for and I also needed to get on top of all the projects that my teachers were giving out.. believe it or not I finished a total of 7 projects, papers and reading/writing assignments! PHEW!!!!images.jpg
Morris teachers really like to keep their students on their toes!
However after I was done with all the homework I was really looking forward to a retreat where I would be able to get out of my room/library/studios!
It was the retreat I was wishing for, I got to get out of Morris and it was perfect! Out in the nature and got to do a great rope climbing/ ropes activity workshop. It was a trust building Activity, and was lots of fun. I got to meet a lot more new people and talk about lots of issues that are present on campus, that other Morris students like myself would like to see disappear on campus, we came up with possible options/ ways of doing that and some other issues were out of the students hands but we were at least able to let our supervisors know about these problems and hope that they would be resolved... and knowing Morris staff I am sure they would try their best to resolve these problems! besides the intense talks, we had lots of fun, made new friends and some old friends got a lot closer.

And now I am off to a week full of exams and projects that need to be turned in and then on Friday its my 21st birthday, 21st-birthday.gif

never ever before I have been so excited to celebrate my birthday, I am really looking forward to having a great time with some close friends and colleagues!

till later chill out and have fun, I will see you in a week! :)

October 20, 2010

Back From Break

Well I'm back from break and ready for class. Though, I'm not really that excited for it. Halloween is coming up though so that is very exciting. We have a cornucopia activities. There is zombie prom, trick-or-can, and more. The zombie prom is very self explanatory. It is a prom where you come as a zombie. It usually goes very well and is a popular event. The thing I'm really looking forward to is passing out candy at my house. Due to the fact that I live off campus I will be able to pass out candy to the trick or treating little kids. But if there are any tricks pulled I'm not going to be a very happy camper. I will be forced to pull some tricks of my own... Muwahahahahahahah! okay that's enough of a menacing laugh. I won't be being evil around Halloween. I will be dressed as a superhero villain though. I am being Obadiah Stane. So I get to shave my head and dye the rest of the hair on my head gray. I have a plan, which is nice. To often I find myself without a plan. Anyway I better get going.
-Catch Ya Later

October 14, 2010

Traveling and Popcorn


Hey its Ninja!
So they've announced the study abroad trips for this May. There are lots of options this year for destinations and discipline areas. The trips include:
• Morocco: History, Story, and Myth
• York: Life in a Medieval City
• The Scottish Enlightenment: Markets, Minds, and Morals
• Germany: A Journey to the Roots of Modern Science
• Choral Performance and Cultural Studies in Iceland, the Baltic States, and Finland

Pretty cool choices, eh? Last year, I had planned to go to Iceland for environmental studies but between not enough people signing up and the volcanoes that wreaked havoc last spring the trip was canceled. However, the trip to both Scotland and England sound really neat. I'm not positive if I'll do one this year or save my money for the following year because I'm working on convincing a few professors on doing a study abroad to London for the 2012 summer Olympics. I would love to see the Olympic Taekwondo Competition.


On another line of thought, the Popcorn Concert is tonight. The Popcorn Concert is a really neat event where the choral groups, duos, trios, quartets put together musical numbers for choir fundraiser. They also serve FREE popcorn!!! The concert is super fun. My favorite part is the variety of the numbers; I've heard everything from "Men in Tights" from the Mel Brooks film to "Taylor the Latte Boy."


So with one homework assignment left to complete and two classes left for tomorrow, I must say "adieu!" Because then I'm heading home for fall break! And for the first time in ages I'm not overloaded with homework! Yay!!!!



October 12, 2010


Black Student Union.jpg
Morris is so excited to celebrate homecoming every year, but this year it was just something special, there was a lot more enthusiasm maybe because Morris celebrated its 50th Birthday. But like every year, I went to the Date auction that was put together by Black Student Union, I didn't auction myself this year but I did help raise couple of Bids. Then there was the powder Puff game, which the upperclassmen won and then there was the TUG- every year there is the tug of war between two of our freshman dorms, and the tug is over the "lake" that is in between the two dorms, and unfortunately Independence hall won again this year for the third time. Then on Friday it was finally time to get out and shake your booty, it was our homecoming dance which was also put together by the Black Student Union. I had lots of fun at the dance, saw people that were auctioned off at the Date auction, saw/ danced with a bunch of other friends, stayed there till about 1 O'clock, wish I had stayed longer but I had to give a tour the next morning.. and then go to the Football game, which was lots of fun and would have been more fun if we had actually won, but unfortunately we lost not by a lot, but we did.

and with that the weekend of fun, seeing old friends and celebrating 50 years for Morris was over and it was time to get down to business and finish those hundreds of never ending assignments that you get for being an art minor. However I am just looking forward to Fall Break!!!

October 11, 2010


Woohoo! fall break is next weekend! I can hardly wait. I will be doing a whole lot of nothing over fall break and it's going to be great. I will be hanging around Morris but there is plenty of stuff for me to do. I can visit my nephews or I can just sit around being lazy. I am a little disappointed though. I have a choir concert on the Thursday night before break and I will be missing it since I will be competing in a programming contest. I would like to be in the concert but I really want to compete. So when I made the decision I was at a bit of a cross roads. There are plenty of concerts during the year but not that many programming contests. Hopefully we are able to keep the traveling trophy at our school. We are sending two very good teams to Thief River Falls so It should be interesting. digi key.jpg

I'm not entirely sure on when we are leaving for said competition but I sure am excited for it. I do have plenty of stuff to make up in the time I am missing though. I'm not looking forward to that. The making up I need to do will be made up before we leave on Thursday. So I'll be turning in a paper a day early taking a exam two days early and lucky for me my CSci course is with the professor that is also the coach so I don't have anything to make up there.

October 10, 2010

So what kind of zombie?


So what kind of zombie are you going to be?

This may seem like a silly question to be asked if your new to UMM, but among many students this is a question of grave importance. Sorry no pun intended. The weekend before Halloween there is Zombie Prom on campus with live bands. Everyone dresses up a zombie-I've seen zombie hippis, prom zombies, crocodile hunter zombies, pirate zombies, and many more. As well as zombie hunters. Heeheee. It may sound silly but its a super fun time especially after a long week of papers, homework, and exams.

Plus there is only five days until fall break-5 DAYS!!! Yay! I can't wait!!!

October 4, 2010

Two Weeks

Just two weeks left till fall break. Oh yeah I'm super excited to relax and write a paper... okay maybe not the paper part but I do get to relax. I'm also very excited for the coding contest that I'm participating in with a team of other computer science majors. I also am taking part in a homecoming concert with alumni as part of the choir. That requires I wake up before 11 am on Sunday and go in for practice. I'm not really a morning person when it comes to the weekend. And yes, 11 am on a Sunday is morning to me. I like my sleep. I do have a take home test to worry about this week which so far has been everything but easy. I'll admit that the first couple of problems I did weren't too hard but they weren't super easy either. I'm still a bit confused on part of it but that is what my prof's office hours are for. :D Currently the biggest thing I'm worried about is how far The Twins will make it into the post season. I said that if they make it too the world series I will shave my facial hair so that I only have sideburns and a mustache for Mauer and Pavano. Yeah I'm really looking forward to the first series versus The Yankees. It should be a good one. Well that's all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later