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Morris is so excited to celebrate homecoming every year, but this year it was just something special, there was a lot more enthusiasm maybe because Morris celebrated its 50th Birthday. But like every year, I went to the Date auction that was put together by Black Student Union, I didn't auction myself this year but I did help raise couple of Bids. Then there was the powder Puff game, which the upperclassmen won and then there was the TUG- every year there is the tug of war between two of our freshman dorms, and the tug is over the "lake" that is in between the two dorms, and unfortunately Independence hall won again this year for the third time. Then on Friday it was finally time to get out and shake your booty, it was our homecoming dance which was also put together by the Black Student Union. I had lots of fun at the dance, saw people that were auctioned off at the Date auction, saw/ danced with a bunch of other friends, stayed there till about 1 O'clock, wish I had stayed longer but I had to give a tour the next morning.. and then go to the Football game, which was lots of fun and would have been more fun if we had actually won, but unfortunately we lost not by a lot, but we did.

and with that the weekend of fun, seeing old friends and celebrating 50 years for Morris was over and it was time to get down to business and finish those hundreds of never ending assignments that you get for being an art minor. However I am just looking forward to Fall Break!!!