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Back From Break

Well I'm back from break and ready for class. Though, I'm not really that excited for it. Halloween is coming up though so that is very exciting. We have a cornucopia activities. There is zombie prom, trick-or-can, and more. The zombie prom is very self explanatory. It is a prom where you come as a zombie. It usually goes very well and is a popular event. The thing I'm really looking forward to is passing out candy at my house. Due to the fact that I live off campus I will be able to pass out candy to the trick or treating little kids. But if there are any tricks pulled I'm not going to be a very happy camper. I will be forced to pull some tricks of my own... Muwahahahahahahah! okay that's enough of a menacing laugh. I won't be being evil around Halloween. I will be dressed as a superhero villain though. I am being Obadiah Stane. So I get to shave my head and dye the rest of the hair on my head gray. I have a plan, which is nice. To often I find myself without a plan. Anyway I better get going.
-Catch Ya Later