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Woohoo! fall break is next weekend! I can hardly wait. I will be doing a whole lot of nothing over fall break and it's going to be great. I will be hanging around Morris but there is plenty of stuff for me to do. I can visit my nephews or I can just sit around being lazy. I am a little disappointed though. I have a choir concert on the Thursday night before break and I will be missing it since I will be competing in a programming contest. I would like to be in the concert but I really want to compete. So when I made the decision I was at a bit of a cross roads. There are plenty of concerts during the year but not that many programming contests. Hopefully we are able to keep the traveling trophy at our school. We are sending two very good teams to Thief River Falls so It should be interesting. digi key.jpg

I'm not entirely sure on when we are leaving for said competition but I sure am excited for it. I do have plenty of stuff to make up in the time I am missing though. I'm not looking forward to that. The making up I need to do will be made up before we leave on Thursday. So I'll be turning in a paper a day early taking a exam two days early and lucky for me my CSci course is with the professor that is also the coach so I don't have anything to make up there.