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Multi-Cultural Student Leadership Retreat!!

This past weekend as most of you all know, Morris had Fall break and I decided to stay here because of the retreat I had signed up for and I also needed to get on top of all the projects that my teachers were giving out.. believe it or not I finished a total of 7 projects, papers and reading/writing assignments! PHEW!!!!images.jpg
Morris teachers really like to keep their students on their toes!
However after I was done with all the homework I was really looking forward to a retreat where I would be able to get out of my room/library/studios!
It was the retreat I was wishing for, I got to get out of Morris and it was perfect! Out in the nature and got to do a great rope climbing/ ropes activity workshop. It was a trust building Activity, and was lots of fun. I got to meet a lot more new people and talk about lots of issues that are present on campus, that other Morris students like myself would like to see disappear on campus, we came up with possible options/ ways of doing that and some other issues were out of the students hands but we were at least able to let our supervisors know about these problems and hope that they would be resolved... and knowing Morris staff I am sure they would try their best to resolve these problems! besides the intense talks, we had lots of fun, made new friends and some old friends got a lot closer.

And now I am off to a week full of exams and projects that need to be turned in and then on Friday its my 21st birthday, 21st-birthday.gif

never ever before I have been so excited to celebrate my birthday, I am really looking forward to having a great time with some close friends and colleagues!

till later chill out and have fun, I will see you in a week! :)