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Yo!! There's a buzz in the air and its not just the Statistics professor's bee costume. This week registration for spring classes started so everyone's been trying to figure out classes-any friends taking it? how hard? what's the prof like? do i need it? 20 credits isn't too many is it? I was pretty pleased with the classes that I'm taking next semester 3 history courses, photography, italian cinema & lit, and taekwondo. ufff-da! I'm really excited about the photography course. I've been doing photography for years but I'm really interested in learning how to develop my own photos.


Not to forget Halloween is this weekend; so there's tons of stuff going on from tricks to figuring out costumes, to Haunted Halls, Haunted Barns, Hall Floors to Zombie prom to Halloween dances, Rocky Horror picture show, etc.Which remind me I still need to find a zombie costume and pick-up my Catwoman costume. But aside from the festivities, the best part for me personally is that one of my friends from the Duluth campus is in Morris for visit.With that and all the stuff going on its for sure to be a fun weekend. skele.jpeg

One last thought before I go-Who can conquer zombies? The ninjas or the pirates? ????




Answer: always the ninjas!