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Traveling and Popcorn


Hey its Ninja!
So they've announced the study abroad trips for this May. There are lots of options this year for destinations and discipline areas. The trips include:
• Morocco: History, Story, and Myth
• York: Life in a Medieval City
• The Scottish Enlightenment: Markets, Minds, and Morals
• Germany: A Journey to the Roots of Modern Science
• Choral Performance and Cultural Studies in Iceland, the Baltic States, and Finland

Pretty cool choices, eh? Last year, I had planned to go to Iceland for environmental studies but between not enough people signing up and the volcanoes that wreaked havoc last spring the trip was canceled. However, the trip to both Scotland and England sound really neat. I'm not positive if I'll do one this year or save my money for the following year because I'm working on convincing a few professors on doing a study abroad to London for the 2012 summer Olympics. I would love to see the Olympic Taekwondo Competition.


On another line of thought, the Popcorn Concert is tonight. The Popcorn Concert is a really neat event where the choral groups, duos, trios, quartets put together musical numbers for choir fundraiser. They also serve FREE popcorn!!! The concert is super fun. My favorite part is the variety of the numbers; I've heard everything from "Men in Tights" from the Mel Brooks film to "Taylor the Latte Boy."


So with one homework assignment left to complete and two classes left for tomorrow, I must say "adieu!" Because then I'm heading home for fall break! And for the first time in ages I'm not overloaded with homework! Yay!!!!