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Two Weeks

Just two weeks left till fall break. Oh yeah I'm super excited to relax and write a paper... okay maybe not the paper part but I do get to relax. I'm also very excited for the coding contest that I'm participating in with a team of other computer science majors. I also am taking part in a homecoming concert with alumni as part of the choir. That requires I wake up before 11 am on Sunday and go in for practice. I'm not really a morning person when it comes to the weekend. And yes, 11 am on a Sunday is morning to me. I like my sleep. I do have a take home test to worry about this week which so far has been everything but easy. I'll admit that the first couple of problems I did weren't too hard but they weren't super easy either. I'm still a bit confused on part of it but that is what my prof's office hours are for. :D Currently the biggest thing I'm worried about is how far The Twins will make it into the post season. I said that if they make it too the world series I will shave my facial hair so that I only have sideburns and a mustache for Mauer and Pavano. Yeah I'm really looking forward to the first series versus The Yankees. It should be a good one. Well that's all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later