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WooHoo, Thanksgiving break is finally here. Now I will get a break from all of my classes for a while. I'm super pumped for all the food and family. I'm also looking forward to watching football and passing out on the couch in a food coma. MMMMmmmm... Hopefully the weather will allow for safe travel.
But even with the break the weeks that follow will be very stressful. I have finals to prepare for, group projects to get done, and papers to write. Oh and we cannot forget that I also have Carol Concert for choir as well. We even have an early back so that we can get in more practices. So yeah I will be super busy. I will also be doing some work for what I will be doing this upcoming Summer. Yeah I already have to look for work during that time. I have to apply for internships and the like so that I have a job. I'm hoping to work somewhere in the Twin Cities.
So I cannot go this entire blog without ranting about how happy I am that Brad Childress was fired. I won't go into why I'm so happy all I will say is that it is about time. I'm hoping that Leslie Frazier has better luck. I feel that the team can get behind him and that is a good thing.
Back to things about Morris. Well we recently had the premiere of the first part of the last Harry Potter book. That was fantastic. I waited in line for about 2 hours in the cold, but boy was it worth it. After it was over I found myself super excited for the next one to come out, which isn't till this summer.
Unfortunately for our campus there has been a bit of a bug going around. It seems that where ever I turn there is someone who looks sick or looks like they are getting sick. Hopefully this is short lived since finals are coming up soon.
Well that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later