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Turkey day is here!?

Ahhh.. I cant believe that its almost thanksgiving which means only two more weeks of school. and I have a lot of stuff piled up to be finished.. OH no. but I am just read for this long weekend to go home finish some papers but mostly eat good food, and get away from all the stress, on a side note, last weekend I went and saw Dance Ensemble, WOW what a show!
the show was really exciting, the theme this year was "Fame" and yes there were couple of awesome dances that are my absolute favorite, all of the dances had new different ideas and music, but my two favorite dances were "Love Lock-down" and "Cosmic Love". They were both really well choreographed and were my top two favorite.

so now I am going to go and celebrate thanksgiving with my friends so I hope you all have a good thanksgiving, and be safe this weekend and drive/ transport safe!