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December 16, 2010



Its over-the last day of finals and all students have left campus for home cooking and visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads with no more theories nor formulas to befuddle their minds.

Okay so may be I can't write poetry but tis true that today was the final day of finals week. HUZZAH! Its a HUGE relief to be done with memorizing accounting entries, reading medieval primary sources, practicing Taeguk forms until I do them in my sleep. Now I just have to do few more days of work and then I'm home for Christmas baking, snow, and a bit of relaxation before coming back to UMM in January.

Next semester will be great-more taekwondo, photography, media, and lots of history plus I'll be starting on the first half of my history senior seminar so it should be pretty busy.

But until then-I wish you "Happy Holidays with many good times and family/friends, great food, and lots of sleep!"

p.s. did I mention no more finals!! its great not to have to worry about that stuff anymore!!!

December 7, 2010

The End is Near

Okay so that may be a bit of a dramatic title. But hey, the end of the semester is only a week away. We have this week and finals week then it is Winter Break! I'm so pumped for this week and next week to be done so there is no more stress at least till next semester. The exams I have should be somewhat challenging. I have a take home exam for my systems class. Now when you think take home exam you think that should be easy. But it actually can be quite difficult. I am going to be asking plenty of questions this upcoming week so that I can do good on it. I also have a 20 page group paper due next Thursday. I have to other exams besides that. I will hopefully be done with all the work I need to do by next Tuesday. That would be very nice. I actually have quite a bit of work to do before next week and am hoping that it kind of does it self. Wouldn't that be nice.
Sadly choir is done for the semester and all we have left is meeting for next semester choir. We did our Secret Santa today and that was tons of fun. I got pancake mix and milkduds :D I really am excited for the pancakes. Other than that not much else is going on with me I may make more entries over break but who knows. In case I don't have a Happy Holiday
-Catch Ya Later

December 2, 2010

A good kind of crazy


YIKES!!! Its almost the end of the semester and deadlines are nearly upon me! A presentation due tomorrow on my genealogy project plus a paper due next week. Then there's my final speech to write for advanced public speaking, a book review to write and exams to study for!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! Plus I need to memorize new forms for Taekwondo that I just learned this week for my belt test next week!

Yet dispute the intensity these final days before finals week there is also lots of fun stuff going on here on campus. There's the Superhero dance tomorrow night, a Yule Ball (yes I'm going and wearing my Hogwarts costume!), and a jazz dance next weekend. There also an art sale and the ASA talent show this Friday! Not to forget there's the Carol concert, curling, Improv troupe show, free movie showing this Saturday, and college basketball games galore. Oh and to help alleviate the tension my roommate and i do a crazy amount of cooking and baking cause yummy food makes everything better! I made muffins yesterday perhaps tomorrow I'll make a pie. MMMMMMM...pie!

Suddenly the end of semester doesn't seem so hectic after all. Or at least a good-kind of crazy. LOL




So there is a Superhero dance this Friday, I am super excited because I love superheroes, and I just finished my second last painting that was for the service learning project that we did as a class. All the paintings are going to be sold for 40$ and all the profits would be given to the public library here at Morris. The point of this is that my painting had Batman, Spider-man, Wolverine, and the hulk. And I am super excited to go and dance away as a super hero, and then the next night there is the Yule Ball, and me and my friend Britta are doing an opening number, it is a waltz dance with six other couples.
I just want this weekend to be here right now, because I am just irritated with my 'to do' list, I just always go on adding and nothing is really getting done, but I hope I can turn in all my projects, papers and presentation that have been piling up for a while now, on time.
only time will tell. PEACE!