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A good kind of crazy


YIKES!!! Its almost the end of the semester and deadlines are nearly upon me! A presentation due tomorrow on my genealogy project plus a paper due next week. Then there's my final speech to write for advanced public speaking, a book review to write and exams to study for!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! Plus I need to memorize new forms for Taekwondo that I just learned this week for my belt test next week!

Yet dispute the intensity these final days before finals week there is also lots of fun stuff going on here on campus. There's the Superhero dance tomorrow night, a Yule Ball (yes I'm going and wearing my Hogwarts costume!), and a jazz dance next weekend. There also an art sale and the ASA talent show this Friday! Not to forget there's the Carol concert, curling, Improv troupe show, free movie showing this Saturday, and college basketball games galore. Oh and to help alleviate the tension my roommate and i do a crazy amount of cooking and baking cause yummy food makes everything better! I made muffins yesterday perhaps tomorrow I'll make a pie. MMMMMMM...pie!

Suddenly the end of semester doesn't seem so hectic after all. Or at least a good-kind of crazy. LOL