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Its over-the last day of finals and all students have left campus for home cooking and visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads with no more theories nor formulas to befuddle their minds.

Okay so may be I can't write poetry but tis true that today was the final day of finals week. HUZZAH! Its a HUGE relief to be done with memorizing accounting entries, reading medieval primary sources, practicing Taeguk forms until I do them in my sleep. Now I just have to do few more days of work and then I'm home for Christmas baking, snow, and a bit of relaxation before coming back to UMM in January.

Next semester will be great-more taekwondo, photography, media, and lots of history plus I'll be starting on the first half of my history senior seminar so it should be pretty busy.

But until then-I wish you "Happy Holidays with many good times and family/friends, great food, and lots of sleep!"

p.s. did I mention no more finals!! its great not to have to worry about that stuff anymore!!!