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So there is a Superhero dance this Friday, I am super excited because I love superheroes, and I just finished my second last painting that was for the service learning project that we did as a class. All the paintings are going to be sold for 40$ and all the profits would be given to the public library here at Morris. The point of this is that my painting had Batman, Spider-man, Wolverine, and the hulk. And I am super excited to go and dance away as a super hero, and then the next night there is the Yule Ball, and me and my friend Britta are doing an opening number, it is a waltz dance with six other couples.
I just want this weekend to be here right now, because I am just irritated with my 'to do' list, I just always go on adding and nothing is really getting done, but I hope I can turn in all my projects, papers and presentation that have been piling up for a while now, on time.
only time will tell. PEACE!