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January 30, 2011


Wow it already been 2-3 weeks since school started? can't believe it... schools been so crazy and trying to figure out all my schedules is just really a whole another hassle, but I have been working out every morning and I get up at around 7-8 and it feels great, to go workout in the morning, I think the rush I get after running 2-3 miles everyday lasts the whole day to keep me going.

enough about my life, Dance Ensemble had their auditions last week, and all the dancers were placed in the dances... 156321_1514105413885_1271910098_31376337_3194087_n.jpgthe DE board did a great job of casting. I am doing Dance Ensemble again and I have a good feeling that this semester's DE performance is going to be epic, the practices start today already!? WOOOO!

speaking of weekend, our Symphonic Winds band20081214_02.jpghas a concert this coming weekend, and its going to be great, not only because Symph winds play great music and my ears are satisfied after every show but, also this weekend my eyes would be too, because Caitlin Mayo a English/ Secondary Ed Major and Dance Minor is going to be performing a Choreographed dance to live music. It is going to be EPIC!

so after I get to see the dance I will give you all a heads up on how AWESOME IT WAS till then be safe and warm.

January 24, 2011

One Week Down

Well like the title suggests we have one week down and we are starting week two. So far so good. I'm enjoying my classes and have yet to see a reason to switch my schedule. Though I do have quite a bit of reading to do for my classes I actually am enjoying the books we have to read. Discussions in my philosophy classes are great to more than two people talk and they even have different opinions. I'm getting super excited for when intramural sports start. I'm not really sure what else to blog about today. I've got some exciting news. The choir, which I'm participating in again this semester, is going to be on Prairie Home Companion. I'm pumped about being on in and having MILLIONS OF LISTENERS listen to us sing. Well I've got to head out now My shift is over.
-Catch Ya Later

Back and Busy!


Its only the 5th day of classes for Spring Term at the UMM and already I don't feel like I ever left. I'm already busy with classes, homework, working with my 35mm camera for Photography class, planning Taekwondo Club, conditioning, friends, but its only going to get crazier.

Besides having Taekwondo Club start up again today (epic kicking and extreme tag). I've been baking-it was a friend's 22nd birthday this weekend so a friend and I collaborated our mutual cooking skills to bake him a Teddy Bear cake as the birthday boy is such a teddy bear. It turned out pretty cool looking even though we had some difficulty getting it out of the baking pan. Either way, our friend liked it as well as the 3 other cakes he got!


January 11, 2011

End of the World... now just a year away. HAPPY 2011 EVERYBODY!

Winter break is almost over, most of my friends have started coming back to Morris, its not lonely here anymore. But, this means schools going to start soon, people_studying.jpg
I am sure it will be a really rough semester with working two jobs, 19 credits and all other extracurricular activities like Dance Ensemble and Intramural... So I am just going to sit back and have fun with my friends for the next week of being free and not having to finish homework and all those projects..

I hope everyone had an awesome 2010, and I hope this year is better than last year for all of you, enjoy the LAST WEEK EVERYBODY!!

January 10, 2011

Break is coming to an end

Well it's almost over. :-( All this free time and relaxing with soon be gone. Okay that may be a little dramatic but classes are starting soon and I was just getting use to waking up after 10 am. I've got things to prepare for. I've got a KUMM meeting to make new registration sheets for and I have books to buy for classes. My house-mates are starting to arrive home and I'm losing all the silence I had before. Though on the other hand it gives me people to hang out with for a while and silence does turn into loneliness after a while so it's nice to have them back. But now that people are back I'm not sure what to do with my time. I would appreciate some comments on what I could do. But who reads this anyway? I would like some comments in general I guess.
Okay this is random but something weird just happened. (okay not that strange) My keyboard just became unresponsive for a while. I couldn't type anything. But it is obviously fixed now since I'm typing.
Anyway this upcoming semester promises to be a very interesting one. I've got a goal to work much harder in my classes so hopefully that will help me keep on track. I noticed in the space "what I could do better:" on the class evaluation forms I wrote in, on all of them, "read more". Maybe I should actually do that? just a thought.
I just had another thought. I am open for suggestions on what I should blog about. Comments would make it much easier to blog. Coming up with new material each week can be difficult. Well I think that is all I've got for now.
- Catch Ya Later

January 5, 2011

Winter Breakness

Ahhh the relaxation is fantastic. No worries just family, fun time, and sleep ... and a little work. I'm back early from break to spend a little time working here at admissions. I've had a great break so far. I had some quality time with the family over Christmas. I got lots of presents (which was nice) I also got to see my nephews open their presents. That was probably more rewarding than receiving my own. Other than that over break I've just been chillin and relaxing. I've also been spending quite a bit of my time with my girlfriend. I'm looking forward to getting back to classes though. Which may sound strange but it is true. I've got quite a load. I'm taking renaissance to modern art, database systems, choir, intro to ethics, and philosophy of mind. I'm very excited for them. I'll also be doing my usual work. I'll be here in admissions and working as the program director for KUMM. Well I should really be heading out.
- Catch Ya Later