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Break is coming to an end

Well it's almost over. :-( All this free time and relaxing with soon be gone. Okay that may be a little dramatic but classes are starting soon and I was just getting use to waking up after 10 am. I've got things to prepare for. I've got a KUMM meeting to make new registration sheets for and I have books to buy for classes. My house-mates are starting to arrive home and I'm losing all the silence I had before. Though on the other hand it gives me people to hang out with for a while and silence does turn into loneliness after a while so it's nice to have them back. But now that people are back I'm not sure what to do with my time. I would appreciate some comments on what I could do. But who reads this anyway? I would like some comments in general I guess.
Okay this is random but something weird just happened. (okay not that strange) My keyboard just became unresponsive for a while. I couldn't type anything. But it is obviously fixed now since I'm typing.
Anyway this upcoming semester promises to be a very interesting one. I've got a goal to work much harder in my classes so hopefully that will help me keep on track. I noticed in the space "what I could do better:" on the class evaluation forms I wrote in, on all of them, "read more". Maybe I should actually do that? just a thought.
I just had another thought. I am open for suggestions on what I should blog about. Comments would make it much easier to blog. Coming up with new material each week can be difficult. Well I think that is all I've got for now.
- Catch Ya Later