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Wow it already been 2-3 weeks since school started? can't believe it... schools been so crazy and trying to figure out all my schedules is just really a whole another hassle, but I have been working out every morning and I get up at around 7-8 and it feels great, to go workout in the morning, I think the rush I get after running 2-3 miles everyday lasts the whole day to keep me going.

enough about my life, Dance Ensemble had their auditions last week, and all the dancers were placed in the dances... 156321_1514105413885_1271910098_31376337_3194087_n.jpgthe DE board did a great job of casting. I am doing Dance Ensemble again and I have a good feeling that this semester's DE performance is going to be epic, the practices start today already!? WOOOO!

speaking of weekend, our Symphonic Winds band20081214_02.jpghas a concert this coming weekend, and its going to be great, not only because Symph winds play great music and my ears are satisfied after every show but, also this weekend my eyes would be too, because Caitlin Mayo a English/ Secondary Ed Major and Dance Minor is going to be performing a Choreographed dance to live music. It is going to be EPIC!

so after I get to see the dance I will give you all a heads up on how AWESOME IT WAS till then be safe and warm.