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Winter Breakness

Ahhh the relaxation is fantastic. No worries just family, fun time, and sleep ... and a little work. I'm back early from break to spend a little time working here at admissions. I've had a great break so far. I had some quality time with the family over Christmas. I got lots of presents (which was nice) I also got to see my nephews open their presents. That was probably more rewarding than receiving my own. Other than that over break I've just been chillin and relaxing. I've also been spending quite a bit of my time with my girlfriend. I'm looking forward to getting back to classes though. Which may sound strange but it is true. I've got quite a load. I'm taking renaissance to modern art, database systems, choir, intro to ethics, and philosophy of mind. I'm very excited for them. I'll also be doing my usual work. I'll be here in admissions and working as the program director for KUMM. Well I should really be heading out.
- Catch Ya Later