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February 24, 2011

Jobs and KUMM Concert


So ignoring the usual humdrum of school-ya know-homework, exams, practice, etc. its been a typical week at UMM. Except that tomorrow is Friday-oh glorious Friday I missed ye so!!!

Tomorrow a friend and I are going to the Career Fair at Minneapolis Convention Center in the hopes of finding a career to match our majors or at the very least a good summer job. I'm really interested about this cause I don't know exactly what to expect at this event. But its a nice break from classes plus UMM's Career Center is funding the transportation for getting students there and back. jobs.jpg

A second bonus this Saturday there is the Spring KUMM Concert at the Old #1 with some awesome local bands. Additionally its the same day as one of my friend's birthdays so we're going to have our own celebration before the concert. if your in Morris on Saturday you should definitely check it out! Doors open at 8:30pm with the Concert starting at 9pm. For more info checkout music.jpg

However, for now its time for me to get back to the homework!

February 21, 2011


Well the choir is now done with A Prairie Home Companion. Everything went great and the gym was full. There were also people listening in other states and countries. It was very exciting stuff. Next, we are moving on to our Minnesota tour. We are going to Alexandria and a few places in the Twin Cities. We are singing around fifteen songs so that should be interesting. As for the rest of my time it is being dedicated to the campus radio station. We are starting our month of awesome giveaways. We are starting with Twins tickets and some other awesome prizes. The hope we have is that with the giveaways we will increase our listener ship. I'm actually currently listening to the station to see how the giveaways are going. It is going interestingly if that makes sense. Anyway those of you reading this blog should tune in either in your car or online and make a request or try and answer the question for the hour.
Back to school stuff. We almost got snowed out today. I did have a couple of classes canceled but nothing other than that. I think that a good portion of the student population go their hopes up on getting classes canceled but were sadly disappointed this morning to find out they were wrong. Classes haven't been canceled since my freshmen year which I find to be sad. Even though classes weren't canceled a few students took advantage of the fact that there was snow. They did not go to class. The reason I know this is because my database class was about half full.
- Catch Ya Later

February 17, 2011

Morris its just Wonderful!


Its warm its lovely! Spring is on its way!!! Huzzah!!! This week was beautiful on campus-plenty of sunshine, warm temps (30+), and for once no snow. I celebrated the week by doing some outdoor photography while being very careful to avoid the occasional renegade snowball that came my way. Hopefully the weather will stay this nice-I'm tired of cold weather.

Unfortunately despite the warm temps my car (best known as "The Turtle") decided that this was the week that it would refuse to work. Luckily for me, the "Minnesota nice" concept is true cause I've already had several offers for car help, advice and ride offers so that I can get it fixed. I love Morris! So that will be tomorrow's big adventure-fixing Turtle.
tired car.jpg

Until then I have a 10 page paper to write, two summer job applications to complete and a caffeine high to wear off before 9:15 AM tomorrow.


YAY for PaperS!

I am taking 20 credits and only 9 of those credits I have to take finals and Mid Terms and such, the rest of them are all papers
that I need to write, and while all my friends argue that exams are a lot harder. I would rather finish taking the exam for once, instead of doing research on every single little topic and check what I am saying is not paraphrasing and such. But, I just took two of my three midterms I need to take and I just need to take one more midterm and then it will be three more exams between me and spring break..
and while my best friends are talking about Mexico and all those fun vacation spots I think I am going to go to the STLF(Students Today Leaders Forever) trip which will be going to Colorado and I have always wanted to go to Colorado so I am really excited plus I get to put that on my resume.. so it really is a win-win for me.

Other than that, I am just leading the typical college student life busy busy busy running around doing stuff, just the weather is making me happy that this frozen tundra is melting down and, soon there will be summer, where I will have down time to just chill with my friends and don't have to worry about HOMEWORK or EXAMS! :D

No HomeworkCR.jpg

February 15, 2011

Crunch Time

Well it is almost time for Prairie Home Companion and we are working hard till Saturday. We have rehearsals at the same time but we are cramming more songs into that time because we have no idea what we are singing in the show. We won't know what we are singing till Friday. Okay so I may have been a little misleading we do have a few songs that may be sung on Saturday. We have a couple of Latvian songs that we are planning on singing on tour. There are a few others but I'm not sure if I'll go in to more detail. Well I can't really think of anything else to say. Hope you come to the show.
-Catch Ya Later

February 13, 2011

Going Places...


This was a big weekend for all the clubs and organizations on campus (over 85!!!) because there was funding hearings that would decide how much funding organizations would receive in response to their requests. Each organization that made a request is given an opportunity to plead their case (why they should such-and-such money) followed by a Q & A session with entire committee, then finishing with a funding verdict. Its pretty nerve wrecking. The Taekwondo Club was one of the many organizations that applied for funding so all week myself, club president and the club treasurer prepared for the hearing. The club wants to compete in a national collegiate Taekwondo tournament in California to compete, advance their skills and promote the UMM at a national event. After much debate the committee gave us more than fair funding for part of the trip's expenses. With some more fund-raising, the Taekwondo Club's highest goal might become a reality. HUZZAH!!!!!


February 9, 2011


I do lead the busy campus life, hence I don't get a lot of sleep and hardly remember to eat and always run around campus so don't have time to work out.. that is really just all excuses, I like to tell my mom.
It was my decision to get two jobs and take 20 credits at the same time.. I know not a great idea but what can ya do? plus there is just so much stuff to get involved in, on Morris campus so many volunteer opportunities and great people to get to know that I just can't stop now. I am sure I am making some really good connections/ a strong resume.

this last weekend was an interesting one, I volunteered to help Admissions out with the Community of Scholars students that were visiting Morris this last weekend, besides that I had so much homework to do, and all the other crazy chores that I had to do, my break time from reality I spent going to the concert, the symphonic winds and Dance Ensemble concert. IT WAS GREAT! Caitlin Mayo did an awesome job with symphonic winds to create and perform the dance. All the dancers (Caitlin Mayo, Nichole Olson, Deanna Ricci, Brittany Schilla and Lyndsey Weber) did do a really great job of pulling a dance off in 2 weeks. There timing with the music and all the moves we so tight and on time, I could not believe that they could pull a dance like that together in two weeks and just two or three practices with the actually band there. There was also a piece created by Morris alum Mitch Grussing Presented at this concert, the music was calm and smoothing for the most part, there were some shocking parts that I was not expecting but made that piece that much interesting.
Ahh what an awesome weekend, just like I like my life BUSY!

well that's all for this week, I am sure I will have lots more crazy stories for you all next week until then I will be Studying and trying to keep up with school and my crazy schedule. PEACE!

February 8, 2011


Well I may seem like a confident person but in reality I'm not. Today was a prime example of how I get nervous just like everyone else out there. I auditioned for a solo in choir today.


Now you may ask "well why did you do that?". I did it because things like that make me extremely nervous. Now that is one of many ways to over come nervousness. Other ways include:


when it comes to being nervous about something be it a big speech or trying out for a solo being prepared for it helps immensely.

Don't dwell on it:

don't sit there and keep reminding yourself what is about to happen. Even though you know it is coming worry about the here and now.

Ask yourself what could go wrong?

You may think that if you mess up it will cost you everything when in reality you will be affected but it won't be the worst thing in the world. You could be trying out for a play and what is the worst that could happen? You don't get the role. Now, that does suck but how bad is it really? You are still alive and there will be other plays.

Try and think of things as going just the way you want them:

Having a view of what could go right will also help you with over coming those nerves. Just say to yourself "are those positive events worth doing this?" If they are then go for it.

Well that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later

February 3, 2011

Homework-a good thing?


I know its weird but I'm super excited about my homework but that's because I've got some pretty interesting assignments for example writing historical fiction for my Renaissance and Reformation class and practicing axe kicks for Taekwondo. But the best part is photography. My photography professor gave my class our first assignment: depth and landscape pictures. I'm so excited. I've got millions of ideas that I want to try out plus the sooner I use up a role of film the sooner the class gets to work in the dark room.---the only downside is its still cold! but even 30 degrees feels wonderful after so many days below zero!!!


February 1, 2011

On Our Way

Well we are on our way now. The semester is in full swing and I'm fairly certain I'm in the classes I want to be in. I had to switch one class because there was a class I wanted to get into that had a newly open seat. So now rather than art I'm in intro to music. :D That should be fun. Jobs are also in full swing. KUMM has been running now with new dj times and hopefully everything will be working there. I've had a few people ask to switch times and so far nothing has gone wrong. (fingers crossed) Choir is going well and Prairie Home Companion draws nearer.

We were supposed to have a concert yesterday but that got canceled due to weather. That concert was going to be with the Morris Area High School and the YME High School. It promised to be fun and we are not sure if they will be able to work out a new time. Other news around campus there was an admitted students day on Friday last week and that was interesting. I got to see all sorts of little high school seniors walking around like they were lost. Okay I'm pretty sure all seniors I saw had a guide with them so they weren't lost. Either way I hope they had a wonderful time and that they choose to come here for school.
Due to the fact that I'm a computer science major I want to experiment with some thing

Does this work

if it does sweet.

ha nice anyway not many people know what I did but if you would like to know comment on this post :D
Now I should probably get going.
-Catch Ya Later