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Well the choir is now done with A Prairie Home Companion. Everything went great and the gym was full. There were also people listening in other states and countries. It was very exciting stuff. Next, we are moving on to our Minnesota tour. We are going to Alexandria and a few places in the Twin Cities. We are singing around fifteen songs so that should be interesting. As for the rest of my time it is being dedicated to the campus radio station. We are starting our month of awesome giveaways. We are starting with Twins tickets and some other awesome prizes. The hope we have is that with the giveaways we will increase our listener ship. I'm actually currently listening to the station to see how the giveaways are going. It is going interestingly if that makes sense. Anyway those of you reading this blog should tune in either in your car or online and make a request or try and answer the question for the hour.
Back to school stuff. We almost got snowed out today. I did have a couple of classes canceled but nothing other than that. I think that a good portion of the student population go their hopes up on getting classes canceled but were sadly disappointed this morning to find out they were wrong. Classes haven't been canceled since my freshmen year which I find to be sad. Even though classes weren't canceled a few students took advantage of the fact that there was snow. They did not go to class. The reason I know this is because my database class was about half full.
- Catch Ya Later