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Jobs and KUMM Concert


So ignoring the usual humdrum of school-ya know-homework, exams, practice, etc. its been a typical week at UMM. Except that tomorrow is Friday-oh glorious Friday I missed ye so!!!

Tomorrow a friend and I are going to the Career Fair at Minneapolis Convention Center in the hopes of finding a career to match our majors or at the very least a good summer job. I'm really interested about this cause I don't know exactly what to expect at this event. But its a nice break from classes plus UMM's Career Center is funding the transportation for getting students there and back. jobs.jpg

A second bonus this Saturday there is the Spring KUMM Concert at the Old #1 with some awesome local bands. Additionally its the same day as one of my friend's birthdays so we're going to have our own celebration before the concert. if your in Morris on Saturday you should definitely check it out! Doors open at 8:30pm with the Concert starting at 9pm. For more info checkout www.kumm.org. music.jpg

However, for now its time for me to get back to the homework!