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On Our Way

Well we are on our way now. The semester is in full swing and I'm fairly certain I'm in the classes I want to be in. I had to switch one class because there was a class I wanted to get into that had a newly open seat. So now rather than art I'm in intro to music. :D That should be fun. Jobs are also in full swing. KUMM has been running now with new dj times and hopefully everything will be working there. I've had a few people ask to switch times and so far nothing has gone wrong. (fingers crossed) Choir is going well and Prairie Home Companion draws nearer.

We were supposed to have a concert yesterday but that got canceled due to weather. That concert was going to be with the Morris Area High School and the YME High School. It promised to be fun and we are not sure if they will be able to work out a new time. Other news around campus there was an admitted students day on Friday last week and that was interesting. I got to see all sorts of little high school seniors walking around like they were lost. Okay I'm pretty sure all seniors I saw had a guide with them so they weren't lost. Either way I hope they had a wonderful time and that they choose to come here for school.
Due to the fact that I'm a computer science major I want to experiment with some thing

Does this work

if it does sweet.

ha nice anyway not many people know what I did but if you would like to know comment on this post :D
Now I should probably get going.
-Catch Ya Later