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I do lead the busy campus life, hence I don't get a lot of sleep and hardly remember to eat and always run around campus so don't have time to work out.. that is really just all excuses, I like to tell my mom.
It was my decision to get two jobs and take 20 credits at the same time.. I know not a great idea but what can ya do? plus there is just so much stuff to get involved in, on Morris campus so many volunteer opportunities and great people to get to know that I just can't stop now. I am sure I am making some really good connections/ a strong resume.

this last weekend was an interesting one, I volunteered to help Admissions out with the Community of Scholars students that were visiting Morris this last weekend, besides that I had so much homework to do, and all the other crazy chores that I had to do, my break time from reality I spent going to the concert, the symphonic winds and Dance Ensemble concert. IT WAS GREAT! Caitlin Mayo did an awesome job with symphonic winds to create and perform the dance. All the dancers (Caitlin Mayo, Nichole Olson, Deanna Ricci, Brittany Schilla and Lyndsey Weber) did do a really great job of pulling a dance off in 2 weeks. There timing with the music and all the moves we so tight and on time, I could not believe that they could pull a dance like that together in two weeks and just two or three practices with the actually band there. There was also a piece created by Morris alum Mitch Grussing Presented at this concert, the music was calm and smoothing for the most part, there were some shocking parts that I was not expecting but made that piece that much interesting.
Ahh what an awesome weekend, just like I like my life BUSY!

well that's all for this week, I am sure I will have lots more crazy stories for you all next week until then I will be Studying and trying to keep up with school and my crazy schedule. PEACE!