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YAY for PaperS!

I am taking 20 credits and only 9 of those credits I have to take finals and Mid Terms and such, the rest of them are all papers
that I need to write, and while all my friends argue that exams are a lot harder. I would rather finish taking the exam for once, instead of doing research on every single little topic and check what I am saying is not paraphrasing and such. But, I just took two of my three midterms I need to take and I just need to take one more midterm and then it will be three more exams between me and spring break..
and while my best friends are talking about Mexico and all those fun vacation spots I think I am going to go to the STLF(Students Today Leaders Forever) trip which will be going to Colorado and I have always wanted to go to Colorado so I am really excited plus I get to put that on my resume.. so it really is a win-win for me.

Other than that, I am just leading the typical college student life busy busy busy running around doing stuff, just the weather is making me happy that this frozen tundra is melting down and, soon there will be summer, where I will have down time to just chill with my friends and don't have to worry about HOMEWORK or EXAMS! :D

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