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March 24, 2011



I am super excited! I've been filling out job applications every chance I've gotten since February and its paid off! I'm going to working through the University of Minnesota Extension Office in Renville county as a 4-H summer intern. I was a long time 4-H member before graduating from the program so I'm super excited to be able to work for this organization. 4h_clover.JPG

Secondly on Wednesday there was a freak blizzard that canceled all my classes so that I had time to have some R&R before starting my paper.

Last but certainly not least there is a lot of fun stuff going on campus this weekend such as the Drag Show and a dance both sponsored by E-Quality. The Prairie Literary Gate Festival is the other hot-spot to be at this weekend. But as for me-I'll be going to visit a friend in Duluth and doing some photography on the side. Hopefully there won't be any more blizzards-keep your fingers crossed!!!

sun snow.jpg

March 22, 2011

Minnesota Tour

Well it had to happen sooner or later. Class is back in session and I'm back here at work. Speaking of work I have been applying for internships like mad lately. I've even had quite a few interviews so far. I'm pretty nervous about all of the possible opportunities.
The other thing keeping me busy is the Minnesota Tour for the choir. We are going to Alexandria tomorrow and will be in the Twin Cities area over Friday and this weekend. We have over 15 songs to sing for the tour. That is quite a bit of memorization. It should be fun though. I've also been assigned a new job for said tour. I am in charge of group B for setting up. Oh boy.
Classes being back in session is pretty nice though. I like to see all my college friends and professors. The break was really nice though. I got to relax just about every day and I also got to eat all sorts of good food, since I wasn't the one cooking :D St. Patrick's day was also nice. I got to spend it with my girlfriend and her family. With all that fun I still had a little bit of homework to do. I found out that I was wrong on the due date for one of my assignments. I had to watch a movie called The Elephant Man. It is about a man with tumors on his head which caused him to have a very disfigured face. The story was mainly about how he went from being a freak-show to some one who was a member of society and not ruled by a "master" who only uses him because he makes him money. The assignment wasn't just to watch that movie though. I had to write a 1000 word response to it. That was the real fun part. (sarcasm) I did enjoy the movie and it did portray a very powerful message, which was not to use people as a means only. The assignment itself was for my intro to ethics course.
Yet another thing that is on my plate of things to do is to register for next semester. Even though it may be very far away we still register early. I've got all my classes picked out but it should be very interesting. I've got 3 computer science classes so that should be difficult but worth it. Other than that I have things to do so I better get going.
- Catch Ya Later

March 9, 2011


Woha! well the semester is half way DONE!?!?

it feels weird to day that I am no longer going to be a junior at the end of this semester and I will be graduating next year, at around this time I would probably be working on my senior seminar next year... 373488349v3_480x480_Front.jpg
but enough of being sad, right now I am just going to look at the great experience I am going to have and all the fun filled experience I am going to gain this SPRING BREAK! like I had mentioned before I am going to the STLF trip which is Students Today Leaders Forever Tour, we will be going to couple places in South Dakota and couple places in Denver. STLF Logo.jpg
This tour is a pay it forward tour where you get to do many learning projects when you are on the road. The best part is that I am going to be couple of my favorite friends while I am on this trip, some people go to home and just rest and all that I am going to have no homework, and nothing else but just lots of fun with my close friends and get to know couple other people while we are out and about not having to worry about getting homework finished or getting ready for an exam and such.

March 8, 2011

Spring Break Come SOON!!!

Sorry for not blogging last week I was sick but Ahh Spring Break is almost here!!! I can't wait. I've got so much time to waste sleeping and being all around lazy. The week leading up to spring break of course has got to be stressful. I've got an exam tomorrow and a paper due on Thursday. Now that is not a ton of stress but it is some none the least. I did luck out and had a class canceled for the entire week. That is keeping me happy this week rather than constantly wishing it was Friday. I must still say that I'm very excited for the week to be over. The other thing that Spring Break signifies is that the semester is half over. I only have one more half a semester till I'm a full fledged senior. Talk about nerve racking. I'm not really sure how next year will be but that is another story for another entry.
Now the real question for today is what should I do over Spring Break? I know that Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and I already know what that day is going to be like, but the rest of the week is still a mystery.

Some suggestions would be very welcome. The problem with trying to plan for Spring Break for some college students, myself included, is that paying for trips and things like that is out of the question. I'm poor and that's the truth. I pay for my schooling, food, and living expenses. The idea of a trip just costs too much. Now there are probably other things I can do like relax go, go for long walks, or hang out with other people still in town. Now I would like to hear some ideas of what could be done over the break. I think I will leave it at that. I will be back after break with another entry.
- Catch Ya Later

March 7, 2011

Almost there!!!


I can hardly wait!!!! There are only 4 more class days until spring break!!! Huzzah!!! I can't wait to be able to sleep in and not worry about completing any essays, study for tests, going to practice, and have some home-cooking again.I can't wait to see my dogs and cats again.kitty laptop.jpg

I might be staying close to home but most of my friends are heading for some interesting destinations. One friend is heading to NY to checkout Broadway. Two others are heading for southern California to do service projects.

But in the meantime my every spare hour is spent in the dark room developing photographs, writing papers (one due tomorrow and another on Wednesday-YIKES) and an exam on Friday in addition to applying for summer jobs, practice and doing weekly homework. I love Morris but I'll sure be glad to head home and read a book for fun for once!!!film.jpg