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I am super excited! I've been filling out job applications every chance I've gotten since February and its paid off! I'm going to working through the University of Minnesota Extension Office in Renville county as a 4-H summer intern. I was a long time 4-H member before graduating from the program so I'm super excited to be able to work for this organization. 4h_clover.JPG

Secondly on Wednesday there was a freak blizzard that canceled all my classes so that I had time to have some R&R before starting my paper.

Last but certainly not least there is a lot of fun stuff going on campus this weekend such as the Drag Show and a dance both sponsored by E-Quality. The Prairie Literary Gate Festival is the other hot-spot to be at this weekend. But as for me-I'll be going to visit a friend in Duluth and doing some photography on the side. Hopefully there won't be any more blizzards-keep your fingers crossed!!!

sun snow.jpg