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Woha! well the semester is half way DONE!?!?

it feels weird to day that I am no longer going to be a junior at the end of this semester and I will be graduating next year, at around this time I would probably be working on my senior seminar next year... 373488349v3_480x480_Front.jpg
but enough of being sad, right now I am just going to look at the great experience I am going to have and all the fun filled experience I am going to gain this SPRING BREAK! like I had mentioned before I am going to the STLF trip which is Students Today Leaders Forever Tour, we will be going to couple places in South Dakota and couple places in Denver. STLF Logo.jpg
This tour is a pay it forward tour where you get to do many learning projects when you are on the road. The best part is that I am going to be couple of my favorite friends while I am on this trip, some people go to home and just rest and all that I am going to have no homework, and nothing else but just lots of fun with my close friends and get to know couple other people while we are out and about not having to worry about getting homework finished or getting ready for an exam and such.