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Epic Photography!


Just ignore the crazy person with the camera-that'd be me. I've got until this Wednesday to complete some major photo assignments for my photography class. So until that time I'm going into overdrive to get that and all my research papers done before the deadline (this Thursday) ! in addition to preparing for my and other club members' belt promotional exam. If your visiting campus this weekend for Dance Ensemble or decided belatedly to join the massive Zombies vs. Humans tag game be prepared to see a ninja stealthily moving about campus with her trusty ancient (it requires film!) camera. One assignment I'm going to be working on is a photo story of one the greatest battles of all time-the Ninja vs. Pirate. Its going to be EPIC!!!!

ninja photo.jpg

Luckily, I've the entire weekend to work on that stuff excluding the time I spend at Fight Club, watching Dance Ensemble or in Taekwondo practice which why I'm allowing myself to procrastinate a little longer on the big stuff and go enjoy the final Open Mic Night of the year. One last time to see Donald's comedic routine, music, and everything in between!! Yay!

P.S. UMM is amazing as its finally warm and sunny outside-no more winter!sunshine.jpg