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There's about 2 weeks left in the semester and finals/final projects are going to be due shortly. YIKES!!! However, since I have no pressing deadlines (meaning that I don't have anything due within the next 24 hours) there is still plenty of time to procrastinate or be in denial. To start off the weekend right the UMMYs, the student film festival premieres tomorrow. Then on Saturday there is Play-in-a-Day, a fine art opportunity guaranteed to entertain and puzzle you. For me this weekend is going to spent working on my photography projects and my research papers but I definately plan to take a break for the UMMYs and Play-in-a day. And oh maybe make some cookies or something equally yummy.

But the best part is yet to come...this Monday the Zombie vs. Humans war begins again (imagine a campus-wide game of hide & go seek tag) its a really awesome way to improve thy ninja skills whether your avoiding being turned by zombies or pelted by socks.