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its already time.. its here.. oh it Dance Ensemble weekend, already?

ahh I remember not to long ago, I took the decision to be involved in Dance Ensemble, I got into 4 and I decided I would totally be able to do Dance Ensemble, 20 Credits and other Leadership Activities, Pshhh.. no big deal, but I know now that it was a really bad idea to do all that.. I am glad though, after this weekend, I am going to have so much free time... everyone who is reading this should come out this weekend and support Dance Ensemble though, it will be a great show, there are going to 28 Dances this semester, and all of them look really really promising to satisfy all of you. 5197152627_1a0f0aa220.jpg
on a Different note, I am only left with one more week of School after next week, so I am super pumped to get involved more on campus and do some activities such as go to the gym and work more, and have time to hang out with friends.
So excited for the summer, it is going to be a great summer because I am going to have all this time, and a job, a great mentor ship program and free time, no homework. It will be a great summer, I hope everyone reading this has some great Summer plans for the coming summer because we have only couple weeks till its officially supposed to be hot outside ( I dont know if that is really going to happen or not?).