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National Collegiate Taekwondo Competition


Last Thursday morning I and 3 other UMM Taekwondo Club members left for Davis, California to compete in the National Collegiate Taekwondo Competition. We competed against 80 other colleges from all over the U.S. in forms and sparring. On April 9th, UMM yellow belts: junior Eric Nielsen and sophomore Drew Rankin competed in yellow belt forms and sparring with Eric's match ending in overtime. Yellow belt sophomore Josh Fischer placed 3rd in his sparring division. I placed 2nd in blue-belt forms doing Taeguk 6 against a blue-belt from Harvard.

NCTC logo.jpg

Besides the competition we learned several new techniques and lessons from watching other sparring and form matches over the weekend. For example, if you slip while sparring its a really good idea to throw a roundhouse kick as you fall or that judges' prefer slow but crisp motion for forms. We also had the opportunity to meet the founder/president, Dr. Ken Min of the NCTA and other important NCTA officers.

However, our group's best discovery was this little Davis restaurant called the Dumpling House/Fish & Chips. I'm not quite sure how they decided on particular combination of food genres but it works. They make the best homemade dumplings! Plus they are really close to an awesome gelato shop that makes yummy lychee gelato!!! yummy!
lychee gelato.jpg