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Oh Weather, make up your mind already!

So after a Wonderful week of being fantastic almost 70 degree weather, be are back to 40's and it might snow again this weekend. Sad, but true.
On another positive note, Morris is the place to be this weekend.. there is Fashion Trashion this weekend, where art students dig out trash bags, cans and dumpsters, go through all the trash they can find, make costumes and wear them and show them off on the runway.
There is also a Sign Language Concert this weekend, where students in the Sign Language class are required to sign to a song, this concert is free, and I am actually one of the performers, so I am kinda nervous and excited for the Concert.
Some other things that are going on this weekend are Undergraduate Research Symposium, Rooney Concert, Relay for life, and the UMM Theater department is presenting "Sophie and the Adventures of Ice Island."
So like I said Morris is the place to be this weekend, no matter rain or snow this weekend is going to be one crazy busy weekend... and to top it all off I still have lots of pending homework to be done. So if I survive I will definitely blog again till then... Have a good one.