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YAY for spring..hello-spring.jpg
for those of you who have spring allergies like me... I am sorry, but I am so excited, that today I walked around in shorts and a tee, and biked to home and back and it was fantastic, I love not winter days! :)
and it also tells me that Summer is coming and actually its coming up pretty fast.. there are only 4 weeks of school left and I am really really stressed out about Finals, but I know everything in the end will work out. I just keep reminding myself to take one thing at a time, and everything will work out. This week has been crazy, being an OTF (Orientation Task Force) we decided on next years OGL's (Orientation Group Leader's) and it was great to do interviews but I am definitely lacking sleep from all the homework choreographing and everything else that needs to be done before the school year is done.
I am so excited for it to be summer, I am actually going to be living in Morris this summer and going to be working in Admissions, and I also got selected as a GATEWAY MENTOR, so I will be helping future students get acquainted to Morris life and helping them get used to Morris curriculum.