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Taekwondo Nationals


Once again I am cramming to meet deadlines, I have less than 24 hours to study for a Renaissance and Reformation exam, write the initial draft of my research paper, and other last minute paperwork. Then I am off to California for the Collegiate National Taekwondo Tournament in Davis, California until Monday.

4 UMM students (Yellow belts: Eric Nielsen, Drew Rankin, and Joshua Fischer & blue belt: Mandy-Ninja Cornell) plus our instructor, These UMM students will be making UMM history as they are the first UMM students to compete in this Taekwondo National Tournament as representatives/competitors from the UMM. Professor Kevin Stefanek will be going. Three will be competing in yellow-belt sparring and all will be competing in Poomse (forms) with other competitors from all over the nation.


Seeya next week,
P.S. If your in Morris checkout the Harlem Globetrotters this Thursday at 7pm and the Jazz Fest this weekend!