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AHHH.. and its done!

So Dance Ensemble is done, HURRAY!
this years show was so well organized, everyone was really impressed by all the good dances people had worked on for the whole semester. We had a total of 28 dances, ranging from hip-hop, ballet, modern, lyrical, musical, high kick, and many more other dances. Some dances were focused on bringing cultural diversity to Morris, and some dances brought excitement and the wow factor to the Audience. Lots of good compliments, tears, smiles, thumbs up and EXCITEMENT!
I was personally told by at least twelve people how the boys stole the show.
I felt proud because I was one of the dancers, and I was glad because we did some hard work to get it all done, and I was glad we finished it right in time. AND IF YOU MISSED IT, I HAVE TO SAY YOU MISSED ONE AWESOME SHOW.

anyways, now that it is done, I have to get back into the grid of the school, and having only two more weeks left on my hand I have so many papers and other stuff that I need to finish.
This is how I feel about Finals week... 992kz3quvy.jpg
This is It is almost Impossible to even take this into account that I am going to be done with Junior year this Month, actually in two weeks, and then summer is right around the corner, which I am excited about but just not quite ready to be a senior yet.