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April 26, 2011

its already time.. its here.. oh it Dance Ensemble weekend, already?

ahh I remember not to long ago, I took the decision to be involved in Dance Ensemble, I got into 4 and I decided I would totally be able to do Dance Ensemble, 20 Credits and other Leadership Activities, Pshhh.. no big deal, but I know now that it was a really bad idea to do all that.. I am glad though, after this weekend, I am going to have so much free time... everyone who is reading this should come out this weekend and support Dance Ensemble though, it will be a great show, there are going to 28 Dances this semester, and all of them look really really promising to satisfy all of you. 5197152627_1a0f0aa220.jpg
on a Different note, I am only left with one more week of School after next week, so I am super pumped to get involved more on campus and do some activities such as go to the gym and work more, and have time to hang out with friends.
So excited for the summer, it is going to be a great summer because I am going to have all this time, and a job, a great mentor ship program and free time, no homework. It will be a great summer, I hope everyone reading this has some great Summer plans for the coming summer because we have only couple weeks till its officially supposed to be hot outside ( I dont know if that is really going to happen or not?).

April 14, 2011

Oh Weather, make up your mind already!
So after a Wonderful week of being fantastic almost 70 degree weather, be are back to 40's and it might snow again this weekend. Sad, but true.
On another positive note, Morris is the place to be this weekend.. there is Fashion Trashion this weekend, where art students dig out trash bags, cans and dumpsters, go through all the trash they can find, make costumes and wear them and show them off on the runway.
There is also a Sign Language Concert this weekend, where students in the Sign Language class are required to sign to a song, this concert is free, and I am actually one of the performers, so I am kinda nervous and excited for the Concert.
Some other things that are going on this weekend are Undergraduate Research Symposium, Rooney Concert, Relay for life, and the UMM Theater department is presenting "Sophie and the Adventures of Ice Island."
So like I said Morris is the place to be this weekend, no matter rain or snow this weekend is going to be one crazy busy weekend... and to top it all off I still have lots of pending homework to be done. So if I survive I will definitely blog again till then... Have a good one.

April 6, 2011


YAY for spring..hello-spring.jpg
for those of you who have spring allergies like me... I am sorry, but I am so excited, that today I walked around in shorts and a tee, and biked to home and back and it was fantastic, I love not winter days! :)
and it also tells me that Summer is coming and actually its coming up pretty fast.. there are only 4 weeks of school left and I am really really stressed out about Finals, but I know everything in the end will work out. I just keep reminding myself to take one thing at a time, and everything will work out. This week has been crazy, being an OTF (Orientation Task Force) we decided on next years OGL's (Orientation Group Leader's) and it was great to do interviews but I am definitely lacking sleep from all the homework choreographing and everything else that needs to be done before the school year is done.
I am so excited for it to be summer, I am actually going to be living in Morris this summer and going to be working in Admissions, and I also got selected as a GATEWAY MENTOR, so I will be helping future students get acquainted to Morris life and helping them get used to Morris curriculum.

March 9, 2011


Woha! well the semester is half way DONE!?!?

it feels weird to day that I am no longer going to be a junior at the end of this semester and I will be graduating next year, at around this time I would probably be working on my senior seminar next year... 373488349v3_480x480_Front.jpg
but enough of being sad, right now I am just going to look at the great experience I am going to have and all the fun filled experience I am going to gain this SPRING BREAK! like I had mentioned before I am going to the STLF trip which is Students Today Leaders Forever Tour, we will be going to couple places in South Dakota and couple places in Denver. STLF Logo.jpg
This tour is a pay it forward tour where you get to do many learning projects when you are on the road. The best part is that I am going to be couple of my favorite friends while I am on this trip, some people go to home and just rest and all that I am going to have no homework, and nothing else but just lots of fun with my close friends and get to know couple other people while we are out and about not having to worry about getting homework finished or getting ready for an exam and such.

February 17, 2011

YAY for PaperS!

I am taking 20 credits and only 9 of those credits I have to take finals and Mid Terms and such, the rest of them are all papers
that I need to write, and while all my friends argue that exams are a lot harder. I would rather finish taking the exam for once, instead of doing research on every single little topic and check what I am saying is not paraphrasing and such. But, I just took two of my three midterms I need to take and I just need to take one more midterm and then it will be three more exams between me and spring break..
and while my best friends are talking about Mexico and all those fun vacation spots I think I am going to go to the STLF(Students Today Leaders Forever) trip which will be going to Colorado and I have always wanted to go to Colorado so I am really excited plus I get to put that on my resume.. so it really is a win-win for me.

Other than that, I am just leading the typical college student life busy busy busy running around doing stuff, just the weather is making me happy that this frozen tundra is melting down and, soon there will be summer, where I will have down time to just chill with my friends and don't have to worry about HOMEWORK or EXAMS! :D

No HomeworkCR.jpg

February 9, 2011


I do lead the busy campus life, hence I don't get a lot of sleep and hardly remember to eat and always run around campus so don't have time to work out.. that is really just all excuses, I like to tell my mom.
It was my decision to get two jobs and take 20 credits at the same time.. I know not a great idea but what can ya do? plus there is just so much stuff to get involved in, on Morris campus so many volunteer opportunities and great people to get to know that I just can't stop now. I am sure I am making some really good connections/ a strong resume.

this last weekend was an interesting one, I volunteered to help Admissions out with the Community of Scholars students that were visiting Morris this last weekend, besides that I had so much homework to do, and all the other crazy chores that I had to do, my break time from reality I spent going to the concert, the symphonic winds and Dance Ensemble concert. IT WAS GREAT! Caitlin Mayo did an awesome job with symphonic winds to create and perform the dance. All the dancers (Caitlin Mayo, Nichole Olson, Deanna Ricci, Brittany Schilla and Lyndsey Weber) did do a really great job of pulling a dance off in 2 weeks. There timing with the music and all the moves we so tight and on time, I could not believe that they could pull a dance like that together in two weeks and just two or three practices with the actually band there. There was also a piece created by Morris alum Mitch Grussing Presented at this concert, the music was calm and smoothing for the most part, there were some shocking parts that I was not expecting but made that piece that much interesting.
Ahh what an awesome weekend, just like I like my life BUSY!

well that's all for this week, I am sure I will have lots more crazy stories for you all next week until then I will be Studying and trying to keep up with school and my crazy schedule. PEACE!

January 30, 2011


Wow it already been 2-3 weeks since school started? can't believe it... schools been so crazy and trying to figure out all my schedules is just really a whole another hassle, but I have been working out every morning and I get up at around 7-8 and it feels great, to go workout in the morning, I think the rush I get after running 2-3 miles everyday lasts the whole day to keep me going.

enough about my life, Dance Ensemble had their auditions last week, and all the dancers were placed in the dances... 156321_1514105413885_1271910098_31376337_3194087_n.jpgthe DE board did a great job of casting. I am doing Dance Ensemble again and I have a good feeling that this semester's DE performance is going to be epic, the practices start today already!? WOOOO!

speaking of weekend, our Symphonic Winds band20081214_02.jpghas a concert this coming weekend, and its going to be great, not only because Symph winds play great music and my ears are satisfied after every show but, also this weekend my eyes would be too, because Caitlin Mayo a English/ Secondary Ed Major and Dance Minor is going to be performing a Choreographed dance to live music. It is going to be EPIC!

so after I get to see the dance I will give you all a heads up on how AWESOME IT WAS till then be safe and warm.

January 11, 2011

End of the World... now just a year away. HAPPY 2011 EVERYBODY!

Winter break is almost over, most of my friends have started coming back to Morris, its not lonely here anymore. But, this means schools going to start soon, people_studying.jpg
I am sure it will be a really rough semester with working two jobs, 19 credits and all other extracurricular activities like Dance Ensemble and Intramural... So I am just going to sit back and have fun with my friends for the next week of being free and not having to finish homework and all those projects..

I hope everyone had an awesome 2010, and I hope this year is better than last year for all of you, enjoy the LAST WEEK EVERYBODY!!

December 2, 2010



So there is a Superhero dance this Friday, I am super excited because I love superheroes, and I just finished my second last painting that was for the service learning project that we did as a class. All the paintings are going to be sold for 40$ and all the profits would be given to the public library here at Morris. The point of this is that my painting had Batman, Spider-man, Wolverine, and the hulk. And I am super excited to go and dance away as a super hero, and then the next night there is the Yule Ball, and me and my friend Britta are doing an opening number, it is a waltz dance with six other couples.
I just want this weekend to be here right now, because I am just irritated with my 'to do' list, I just always go on adding and nothing is really getting done, but I hope I can turn in all my projects, papers and presentation that have been piling up for a while now, on time.
only time will tell. PEACE!

November 23, 2010

Turkey day is here!?

Ahhh.. I cant believe that its almost thanksgiving which means only two more weeks of school. and I have a lot of stuff piled up to be finished.. OH no. but I am just read for this long weekend to go home finish some papers but mostly eat good food, and get away from all the stress, on a side note, last weekend I went and saw Dance Ensemble, WOW what a show!
the show was really exciting, the theme this year was "Fame" and yes there were couple of awesome dances that are my absolute favorite, all of the dances had new different ideas and music, but my two favorite dances were "Love Lock-down" and "Cosmic Love". They were both really well choreographed and were my top two favorite.

so now I am going to go and celebrate thanksgiving with my friends so I hope you all have a good thanksgiving, and be safe this weekend and drive/ transport safe!

November 3, 2010


Wow cant believe its already time to say goodbye to Football, this year we have had a good Football team and I think a great football season, from winning the first home game, to putting a tough fight at the homecoming game... here we are at the last game!
Tomorrow I am planning on going to the game and cheering for the cougars. GO COUGARS!
Today was the opening night of Art, a play by award-winning author Yasmina Reza Directed by Ray Schultz. Two of my very good friends are in the show so I have to make it to one of the shows, before I head home this weekend!
YES its about time I take a trip down to home, and my god parents just adopted a kid from Nicaragua, so I am super excited to meet my new Nicaraguan god brother and get a chance to say hi to everyone back home this weekend, especially since I did not have a chance to go back home from the beginning of school year, because of school, work and all the fun stuff constantly going on here at Morris.

I will see you guys next week.

Till then you have a safe and wonderful weekend.

October 21, 2010

Multi-Cultural Student Leadership Retreat!!

This past weekend as most of you all know, Morris had Fall break and I decided to stay here because of the retreat I had signed up for and I also needed to get on top of all the projects that my teachers were giving out.. believe it or not I finished a total of 7 projects, papers and reading/writing assignments! PHEW!!!!images.jpg
Morris teachers really like to keep their students on their toes!
However after I was done with all the homework I was really looking forward to a retreat where I would be able to get out of my room/library/studios!
It was the retreat I was wishing for, I got to get out of Morris and it was perfect! Out in the nature and got to do a great rope climbing/ ropes activity workshop. It was a trust building Activity, and was lots of fun. I got to meet a lot more new people and talk about lots of issues that are present on campus, that other Morris students like myself would like to see disappear on campus, we came up with possible options/ ways of doing that and some other issues were out of the students hands but we were at least able to let our supervisors know about these problems and hope that they would be resolved... and knowing Morris staff I am sure they would try their best to resolve these problems! besides the intense talks, we had lots of fun, made new friends and some old friends got a lot closer.

And now I am off to a week full of exams and projects that need to be turned in and then on Friday its my 21st birthday, 21st-birthday.gif

never ever before I have been so excited to celebrate my birthday, I am really looking forward to having a great time with some close friends and colleagues!

till later chill out and have fun, I will see you in a week! :)

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