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Hometown: Paynesville, MN
Major: Economics
Minor: Art History
Activities: Honors Program, Cross Country, Track, Ultimate Frisbee, Choir, Study Abroad

February 23, 2008

Go Cougars Track and Field!

I have been falling behind on my duties posting on here, but with all everything that's been happening in Mo-town, I just haven't been able to keep up! Being a member of the UMM Track and Field team means a meet almost every Saturday, in addition to classes and everything else. This weekend has been especially exciting, even though it's only Saturday afternoon now. Not only was there a Jazz Concert last night, as well as one this evening (our jazz program is incredibly good, which means these concerts are awesome), but there was also a track meet last night at Concordia, at which the Cougs broke two school records! Both the 4x800 meter relay and the Distance Medley relay easily broke the school records, showing our beloved Cougars as viable contenders for the UMAC Conference Champ trophy to won at next week's meet. Go Cougars!

And for those of you who have not followed my other posts...I am usually this excited about sports, but the excitement of broken records has me looking forward to watching UMM beat out reigning conference champ St. Scholastica next weekend!

December 11, 2007

Finals week approaches...

Now begins the time of absolute panic for all those students who have been putting off homework and projects for the last couple weeks. Time for finals...those dreaded tests that have been talked up and set up as some enormous flesh and blood monster that can devour the unwary student in mere seconds. And the thing is, in some cases, I believe those rumors. The upcoming Microeconomics final, as well as Calculus and Art History finals, really do seem to be horrific beasts lurking just out of site. The last minute scramble trying to get everything handed in and all tests taken will be worth it, though, because in a week and a half we'll have a full month off before beginning a new semester. I've said this before, but I'll say it again: it's hard to believe that the first semester is already almost over. With all the activities and fun and the occasional bit of homework, time flies!

well, it's time for me to get back to writing that paper that I should have written yesterday...

November 14, 2007


I just read the blog regarding Thanksgiving, and I couldn't help but respond. The mere mention of all those wonderful foods has my mouth watering, because, let's face it, Food Service every day just doesn't do the trick.....I can't wait for leftovers!!!!!! Mmmmm....leftovers. Only one week left until I will be eating good food for as long as it will keep in my mini-fridge!

Reflective thoughts with winter settling in...

Wow, it's amazing to see how fast the semester is flying by! While in high school, I always thought that a full college semester was something that was very long and arduous. However, now that I'm here the time has flown by. Between sports, intramural activities, and studying, not to mention attending class now and then, I'm trying to figure out where the last few months have gone. Fall is already coming to a close, with winter creeping in on it's heels. It's hard to believe that I've been living here for nearly three months already, and that first semester classes will be done with in just over one month. On the other hand, my dorm room now feels like home, and it is hard to think of what I would do without all the activities on my floor, and around campus. Thinking that only three months ago I met all the people that I live with and know so well is amazing, because even though it sometimes feels as though orientation was yesterday, it also seems as if I have known the people I've met here for most of my life. Well, with that reflection, it is time to go to class, do some homework, and then come back to my dorm, sit on the couch, and watch a movie.

October 30, 2007

Haloween and classes

The big day is only one day away, and it is increasingly hard to focus on class with the question of a lifetime looming up: "What should I be for Haloween?" All classwork is put aside in an attempt to answer this important and urgent question. Should I be a monster, a ghost, a politician, a pirate or perhaps even a priest?....or should I go for the big-time and dress up as one of my professors? This question takes hours of work to answer, and then hours more to figure out how to make the costume from whatever is lying around the dorm. It even consumes the minds of those of us currently sitting in Calculus listening to my professor talk about finding derivatives for three dimensional contour maps, but instead of taking notes, I am figuring out what the coolest Haloween-party-winning costume could be.

October 19, 2007

A Taste of Procrastination

Well, good old Mo-town has only a few hours left of classes before fall break. Three classes, two tests, and I'm sitting here procrastinating so I don't have to study. Class actually can be fun, but I am looking forward to getting a few days off to recharge. It also seems to be one of the prospective student days, because as I look out my window towards the Mall, I can see fast-talking, backwards walking tour guides leading groups of students, many of whom are trailing various parental entities behind them....Well, much as I'd love to stay and continue my window watching, it's time for some Microeconomics. Until next time.........

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