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Hometown: Farmers Branch, TX & Taylors Falls, MN
Major: Economics
Minor: French
Activities: Campus Ambassadors, Concert Choir, Student Government, Dance Ensemble, Hall Council, Newman Center, Blood Drive, Study Abroad
Future Plans: Law School

May 1, 2008

Freshman Year at UMM

How can I sum up the first year experience at UMM? I started this year off pretty reluctant to come to UMM and completely naive about what UMM had to offer me. And now, eight months later, I look in awe at the year I have had. This has probably been the most incredible year of my life. I have met people I feel I will be close with for many years to come, I have been offered opportunities that will shape the rest of my life, I have discovered the true joy of learning, and I have had so much fun. I can't believe how many things I thought I knew about myself and I've learned. I don't know how much of this experience I owe directly to UMM but I would say quite a bit. If you fit UMM and UMM fits you, your opportunities for enriching experiences are infinite. Highlights this year have been: Voices of Darfur: Darfur refugees speaking at UMM, Jazz Dances, Haunted Hall, Concert Choir (East Coast Tour!), Gay Hall Community Council (and all of our wonderful hall programs specifically Thanksgiving Dinner, Movie Nights, Gingerbread House making, Tug O' War, Homecoming Float, and MACURH!), Admissions Work, The Newman Center, French Club Events, Paula O'Loughlin and Pareena Lawrence and all of their wisdom. Ok I'll stop because I feel like an Oscar's acceptance speech with the music beginning to cut me off. But to sum it up I would say my advice to potential students is: if you want to get an extremely high quality education, and you want your name at the top of the list in the grad school world or career world because of who YOU are and what YOU'VE done and not because of the stamp on your degree, then UMM awaits you! Feel free to contact me regarding anything I've talked about in my blogs! Blog out.

April 10, 2008

Undergraduate Research: Just another reason to come to UMM!

SO! Besides the fact that UMM students have gotten to experience the snow melting part of spring several too many times, life at Morris continues to be grand. This week is pride with ending with the infamous drag show on Friday. Next weekend we have UMM's own Dance Ensemble (starring moi!) and the following weekend our spring children's musical is having it's public performances! But, I'm going to take a minute and talk a little bit about undergraduate research here at UMM. Back in December I was offered to partake in a MAP or Morris Academic Partnership, with Pareena Lawrence, my advisor and the head of the social sciences division here at UMM. What a MAP does is it gives a chance for students to do research and work or projects with faculty. I will be spending the next year working on a project with Pareena that she started a while back on the economic effects of political equality for women in India. MAPs are just one of the many research opportunities here at UMM for students to take part in. Students can also do what is called a UROP which is an independent student research project done under a professor. But what does this mean to anyone that isn't a student at UMM? It means insane connections, amazing experiences, spectacular resumes, perfectly unique memories and opportunities that are once in a lifetime! Blog out.

April 3, 2008

Springtime in Morris

Yesterday was the more meteorology-confused day I have ever experienced. I got up to go to Statistics around 9 and there was a flurry of wet and windy snow outside. It would have been mildly pretty had it not been April 2nd! By about mid-day I was convinced that spring would never come and I might as well learn to live with an endless summer as I made my way across campus to French. Of course by the time I was leaving the Humanities building the sun was shining the snow was melting and spring had arrived. No complaints here however! Springtime in Morris is becoming my favorite season thus far. As if UMM didn't have events galore before, now the campus schedule is more packed than ever. We have the Jazz Fest today, tomorrow and Saturday which I believe is noted on an earlier blog. I personally am speaking at "Refueler" this evening. Refueler is a weekly student worship service/mass done by the Newman Center (the Catholic student organization). I am a little nervous about speaking, but I am also really excited. The English course I am taking currently with Michael Lackey has been very inspirational and challenging for my faith. Going to a public university I was concerned with the challenges to my faith coming in. It has been a very individual journey for me, but very rich at the same time. The environment at UMM has given me a chance to really question my faith but at the same time feel like I am surrounded by others who have great faith and can relate to what I am going through. Tonight I am speaking on finding a balance between "the tortured faith" (always questioning, always skeptical) and "the passive faith" (basically the opposite). We'll see how it goes! Check out all of the religious organizations and opportunities on campus on the student organization page!

March 23, 2008

Back in the States, Back to Morris

Hello all! I am back in the U.S.A. and attempting to be ready to start up classes again tomorrow. I have so much to catch up on after missing the week before spring break but it was so worth it. Being on tour with the UMM Concert Choir was definately one of the highlights of my year so far. The second week in Canada was so incredible. I never realized how much culture Canada has! It was like being in Europe, especially in Quebec City and Montreal. In Quebec City we went to a night club along with an astounding 1000+ estimated other people. It was so fun and so packed! We also got a tour of Old Quebec City and some delicious authentic french food. Another cool thing about Quebec City was that everyone spoke French! Much to the dissapointment of my French professors I'm sure, I didn't utilize my knowledge of the French language as much as I'm sure I could have. I tried a little bit but people didn't really understand what I was saying. :) I'll have to go back when I am a little better. Well, second semester classes start up tomorrow and we have our homecoming concert to perform tomorrow night. Overall, I give my East coast experience an A and I can't wait until I get to tackle the next traveling opportunity that Morris sends my way!

March 17, 2008

UMM East Coast Choir Tour

Greetings to all from the east coast! I am currently on tour with the UMM concert choir. So far we have sung six concerts, visited five states and one province (I am currently eating breakfast in St. John, New Brunswick) and endured more hours on a bus than I want to count! We have been touring since March 7th, (a little over a week) and will return to the Midwest on Friday. I don't even know where to start with all of the things we have done! I suppose I could start at the beginning and give a condensed version!

We started in Delaware last weekend and made our way down to Washington D.C. by Monday where we toured the capitol and sang for our legislators. A few concerts later we were in New York City, where we had free time to see shows, visit museums and take in as much of the NYC experience as possible in two days. A bunch of us went and saw the musical Spring Awakening, which was fabulous!
Our last night in the city a small group of us heard about a must-Jazz club in the west village. Some trouble with the subway system put us in the area around 1:30am, where we found the scene at the Fat Cat was just picking up. The place was incredible. It was this huge underground room filled with pool, shuffleboard, ping-pong and fooz ball tables. Near the back of the low-lit room was the jazz ensemble. I was in heaven! :)

After stops in Boston, MA and Portland, ME and concerts in both states we have made our to Canada. I have never been to Canada and I guess I was expecting it to be just like the states but I have been presently surprised by the amount of unique culture here. Back on the road in a couple of hours for a concert tonight! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

P.S. Pictures to follow as soon as I get them on my computer!

March 6, 2008

KUMM to Morris!

View image

So! I just spent the last three hours of this beautiful Morris Thursday morning (from 3-6am), in the KUMM studio! KUMM is UMM's student run alternative radio station. I was signed up as a guest though I did little in aiding the weekly host in his morning broadcast. KUMM provides the students of UMM with super fantastic Mega SMAsh HITS! (As you can see from a random album cover that we came across while selecting the program's music) I wish I could share more about this program, but being that it was at 3 in the morning, I am a wee bit tired. The host of the program, Donovan Hanson, is bursting with energy. Typical UMM student I suppose...

February 26, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Hello all! Wow! What a busy weekend here at UMM! Between the Jazz Concert, Play-in-a-Day, French Films, New movies at the Morris Theatre, and a Preacher Moss coming to campus it was tough deciding what to do. (And working in study time on top of it) The UMM Jazz Ensemble gave two incredible performances on Friday and Saturday night. Members form many different "combos" that perform pieces of their choice. One combo I especially liked was made up of about 7 musicians who did a ska piece. Super high energy and super entertaining! I also checked out a French film on Friday night (put on by Entre Nous, the French org on campus) and There Will Be Blood (which won a couple of Oscar's Sunday) at the Morris theatre on Saturday night. One particularly cool event this past weekend was a comic performance by Preacher Moss. He is a comedian doing a comic lecture series and was at UMM on Thursday. Absolutely phenomenal! He had the audience on the floor laughing and at the same time he had a really cool message. So that's that! Morris weekends are filled with events. And now to finish studying I have left to do!

February 19, 2008

The Beauty of the Student Center

Hey all!

This is my first blog! My name is Kathy Julik-Heine and I am a fresman here at UMM. I am originally from Dallas, TX, but moved during grade school and have since lived in Taylors Falls, MN. I graduated from Chisago Lakes High School in Lindstrom, MN. Here at UMM I am majoring in Economics with a Pre-Law focus. I am hoping to work in a double major in Political Science/International Relations. I want to work for the Red Cross when I get out of college and then go onto Law school after a year or so. I have figured out so much since I have been at UMM and everyone here has really helped me learn so much (especially about myself). Since I have spent the better part of my day so far in the student center I thought I would blog a little blog about my love for the place. I got here around 9:30 and grabbed some delicious breakfast before starting on some homework. Here's the thing, I brought my Experimental Economics problem set that I needed to figure out before 2:00pm when class is and my English of which I need to finish a first draft of a paper on by Friday. Now you may be thinking, so what? BUT this is particularly amazing because I WAS stuck with both bits until I spent a few hours in the student center and ran into both a member of my economics class who totally understood the problem set and helped me out AND my english professor who is super friendly and brilliant and was more than happy to give me some advice on my paper. So that's it. I love the student center. There is always something going on and always sweet people hanging around! Blog out.


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