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May 12, 2011



Just a few hours ago, I finished my final paper for the year and now I'm done! I can't believe the school year is over. No more finals, no more projects, no more all-nighters in the darkroom developing photos, no more Taekwondo practices. Its been pretty crazy this year. but I'm going to miss it. :(

Tomorrow I'll be packing and hopefully getting some yummy Don's toast then its helping with graduation on Saturday. But for tonight i'm going to be hanging out with friends and enjoying yummy brownies. Chocolate makes everything better! Then its home just in time for my hometown's annual Norwegian festival, Syttendae Mai (Norwegian Independence Day). Already the summer is starting out pretty awesome.

April 28, 2011

Epic Photography!


Just ignore the crazy person with the camera-that'd be me. I've got until this Wednesday to complete some major photo assignments for my photography class. So until that time I'm going into overdrive to get that and all my research papers done before the deadline (this Thursday) ! in addition to preparing for my and other club members' belt promotional exam. If your visiting campus this weekend for Dance Ensemble or decided belatedly to join the massive Zombies vs. Humans tag game be prepared to see a ninja stealthily moving about campus with her trusty ancient (it requires film!) camera. One assignment I'm going to be working on is a photo story of one the greatest battles of all time-the Ninja vs. Pirate. Its going to be EPIC!!!!

ninja photo.jpg

Luckily, I've the entire weekend to work on that stuff excluding the time I spend at Fight Club, watching Dance Ensemble or in Taekwondo practice which why I'm allowing myself to procrastinate a little longer on the big stuff and go enjoy the final Open Mic Night of the year. One last time to see Donald's comedic routine, music, and everything in between!! Yay!

P.S. UMM is amazing as its finally warm and sunny outside-no more winter!sunshine.jpg

April 21, 2011



There's about 2 weeks left in the semester and finals/final projects are going to be due shortly. YIKES!!! However, since I have no pressing deadlines (meaning that I don't have anything due within the next 24 hours) there is still plenty of time to procrastinate or be in denial. To start off the weekend right the UMMYs, the student film festival premieres tomorrow. Then on Saturday there is Play-in-a-Day, a fine art opportunity guaranteed to entertain and puzzle you. For me this weekend is going to spent working on my photography projects and my research papers but I definately plan to take a break for the UMMYs and Play-in-a day. And oh maybe make some cookies or something equally yummy.

But the best part is yet to come...this Monday the Zombie vs. Humans war begins again (imagine a campus-wide game of hide & go seek tag) its a really awesome way to improve thy ninja skills whether your avoiding being turned by zombies or pelted by socks.


April 14, 2011

National Collegiate Taekwondo Competition


Last Thursday morning I and 3 other UMM Taekwondo Club members left for Davis, California to compete in the National Collegiate Taekwondo Competition. We competed against 80 other colleges from all over the U.S. in forms and sparring. On April 9th, UMM yellow belts: junior Eric Nielsen and sophomore Drew Rankin competed in yellow belt forms and sparring with Eric's match ending in overtime. Yellow belt sophomore Josh Fischer placed 3rd in his sparring division. I placed 2nd in blue-belt forms doing Taeguk 6 against a blue-belt from Harvard.

NCTC logo.jpg

Besides the competition we learned several new techniques and lessons from watching other sparring and form matches over the weekend. For example, if you slip while sparring its a really good idea to throw a roundhouse kick as you fall or that judges' prefer slow but crisp motion for forms. We also had the opportunity to meet the founder/president, Dr. Ken Min of the NCTA and other important NCTA officers.

However, our group's best discovery was this little Davis restaurant called the Dumpling House/Fish & Chips. I'm not quite sure how they decided on particular combination of food genres but it works. They make the best homemade dumplings! Plus they are really close to an awesome gelato shop that makes yummy lychee gelato!!! yummy!
lychee gelato.jpg


April 5, 2011

Taekwondo Nationals


Once again I am cramming to meet deadlines, I have less than 24 hours to study for a Renaissance and Reformation exam, write the initial draft of my research paper, and other last minute paperwork. Then I am off to California for the Collegiate National Taekwondo Tournament in Davis, California until Monday.

4 UMM students (Yellow belts: Eric Nielsen, Drew Rankin, and Joshua Fischer & blue belt: Mandy-Ninja Cornell) plus our instructor, These UMM students will be making UMM history as they are the first UMM students to compete in this Taekwondo National Tournament as representatives/competitors from the UMM. Professor Kevin Stefanek will be going. Three will be competing in yellow-belt sparring and all will be competing in Poomse (forms) with other competitors from all over the nation.


Seeya next week,
P.S. If your in Morris checkout the Harlem Globetrotters this Thursday at 7pm and the Jazz Fest this weekend!

March 24, 2011



I am super excited! I've been filling out job applications every chance I've gotten since February and its paid off! I'm going to working through the University of Minnesota Extension Office in Renville county as a 4-H summer intern. I was a long time 4-H member before graduating from the program so I'm super excited to be able to work for this organization. 4h_clover.JPG

Secondly on Wednesday there was a freak blizzard that canceled all my classes so that I had time to have some R&R before starting my paper.

Last but certainly not least there is a lot of fun stuff going on campus this weekend such as the Drag Show and a dance both sponsored by E-Quality. The Prairie Literary Gate Festival is the other hot-spot to be at this weekend. But as for me-I'll be going to visit a friend in Duluth and doing some photography on the side. Hopefully there won't be any more blizzards-keep your fingers crossed!!!

sun snow.jpg

March 7, 2011

Almost there!!!


I can hardly wait!!!! There are only 4 more class days until spring break!!! Huzzah!!! I can't wait to be able to sleep in and not worry about completing any essays, study for tests, going to practice, and have some home-cooking again.I can't wait to see my dogs and cats again.kitty laptop.jpg

I might be staying close to home but most of my friends are heading for some interesting destinations. One friend is heading to NY to checkout Broadway. Two others are heading for southern California to do service projects.

But in the meantime my every spare hour is spent in the dark room developing photographs, writing papers (one due tomorrow and another on Wednesday-YIKES) and an exam on Friday in addition to applying for summer jobs, practice and doing weekly homework. I love Morris but I'll sure be glad to head home and read a book for fun for once!!!film.jpg


February 24, 2011

Jobs and KUMM Concert


So ignoring the usual humdrum of school-ya know-homework, exams, practice, etc. its been a typical week at UMM. Except that tomorrow is Friday-oh glorious Friday I missed ye so!!!

Tomorrow a friend and I are going to the Career Fair at Minneapolis Convention Center in the hopes of finding a career to match our majors or at the very least a good summer job. I'm really interested about this cause I don't know exactly what to expect at this event. But its a nice break from classes plus UMM's Career Center is funding the transportation for getting students there and back. jobs.jpg

A second bonus this Saturday there is the Spring KUMM Concert at the Old #1 with some awesome local bands. Additionally its the same day as one of my friend's birthdays so we're going to have our own celebration before the concert. if your in Morris on Saturday you should definitely check it out! Doors open at 8:30pm with the Concert starting at 9pm. For more info checkout music.jpg

However, for now its time for me to get back to the homework!

February 17, 2011

Morris its just Wonderful!


Its warm its lovely! Spring is on its way!!! Huzzah!!! This week was beautiful on campus-plenty of sunshine, warm temps (30+), and for once no snow. I celebrated the week by doing some outdoor photography while being very careful to avoid the occasional renegade snowball that came my way. Hopefully the weather will stay this nice-I'm tired of cold weather.

Unfortunately despite the warm temps my car (best known as "The Turtle") decided that this was the week that it would refuse to work. Luckily for me, the "Minnesota nice" concept is true cause I've already had several offers for car help, advice and ride offers so that I can get it fixed. I love Morris! So that will be tomorrow's big adventure-fixing Turtle.
tired car.jpg

Until then I have a 10 page paper to write, two summer job applications to complete and a caffeine high to wear off before 9:15 AM tomorrow.


February 13, 2011

Going Places...


This was a big weekend for all the clubs and organizations on campus (over 85!!!) because there was funding hearings that would decide how much funding organizations would receive in response to their requests. Each organization that made a request is given an opportunity to plead their case (why they should such-and-such money) followed by a Q & A session with entire committee, then finishing with a funding verdict. Its pretty nerve wrecking. The Taekwondo Club was one of the many organizations that applied for funding so all week myself, club president and the club treasurer prepared for the hearing. The club wants to compete in a national collegiate Taekwondo tournament in California to compete, advance their skills and promote the UMM at a national event. After much debate the committee gave us more than fair funding for part of the trip's expenses. With some more fund-raising, the Taekwondo Club's highest goal might become a reality. HUZZAH!!!!!


December 16, 2010



Its over-the last day of finals and all students have left campus for home cooking and visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads with no more theories nor formulas to befuddle their minds.

Okay so may be I can't write poetry but tis true that today was the final day of finals week. HUZZAH! Its a HUGE relief to be done with memorizing accounting entries, reading medieval primary sources, practicing Taeguk forms until I do them in my sleep. Now I just have to do few more days of work and then I'm home for Christmas baking, snow, and a bit of relaxation before coming back to UMM in January.

Next semester will be great-more taekwondo, photography, media, and lots of history plus I'll be starting on the first half of my history senior seminar so it should be pretty busy.

But until then-I wish you "Happy Holidays with many good times and family/friends, great food, and lots of sleep!"

p.s. did I mention no more finals!! its great not to have to worry about that stuff anymore!!!

December 2, 2010

A good kind of crazy


YIKES!!! Its almost the end of the semester and deadlines are nearly upon me! A presentation due tomorrow on my genealogy project plus a paper due next week. Then there's my final speech to write for advanced public speaking, a book review to write and exams to study for!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! Plus I need to memorize new forms for Taekwondo that I just learned this week for my belt test next week!

Yet dispute the intensity these final days before finals week there is also lots of fun stuff going on here on campus. There's the Superhero dance tomorrow night, a Yule Ball (yes I'm going and wearing my Hogwarts costume!), and a jazz dance next weekend. There also an art sale and the ASA talent show this Friday! Not to forget there's the Carol concert, curling, Improv troupe show, free movie showing this Saturday, and college basketball games galore. Oh and to help alleviate the tension my roommate and i do a crazy amount of cooking and baking cause yummy food makes everything better! I made muffins yesterday perhaps tomorrow I'll make a pie. MMMMMMM...pie!

Suddenly the end of semester doesn't seem so hectic after all. Or at least a good-kind of crazy. LOL


November 17, 2010

Harry Potter Madness and FOOD!!!



OK, ok I admit I'm a bit Harry Potter crazy but hey, why not? Specially when there is a midnight showing of the 7th movie tomorrow at midnight-who wouldn't be excited??? :)
hp.jpgLuckily, I'm not alone in my Harry Potter madness here at UMM. There are lots of other people on campus re-watching and rereading all the movies and books, playing Qudditch games on the weekends, and planning Yule Ball for December. Yay!!!

On a more serious note-ONLY 5 MORE CLASS DAYS UNTIL THANKSGIVING BREAK-I can't wait to go home to see my kitten, Gidget, sleep-in, and eat lots of yummy delicious food on Thanksgiving! Thanksgivings are always interesting in my family; sometimes there is typical feast but other times there are food such as "Mutant Turkey," "Wild Rice-Vegetable Quiche," or "Jalapeno Wontons. Ahh, well at least it shall be interesting. ^_^turkey.jpg


November 4, 2010

Remember remember November 5th


"Remember, remember November 5th!" One of my favorite things about the UMM is that a couple times a mouth the CAC shows a movie on campus in one of the auditoriums. Tomorrow the feature is V for Venedetta-a very awesome movie. If you haven't seen it-go see it. Plus, there's also a Symphonic Winds concert, that's rumored to be excellent and an interesting play being put on by the theater department. Its a comedic play called "Art." Or if none of those fine arts fit your fancy there's usually a midnight football game going on at mall on the weekends.Either way, its nice way to relax after week of studying and homework to be followed by a week of tests.

Ciao, Ninja!!!v.jpeg

Remember remember November 5th


"Remember, remember November 5th!" One of my favorite things about the UMM is that a couple times a mouth the CAC shows a movie on campus in one of the auditoriums. Tomorrow the feature is V for Venedetta-a very awesome movie. If you haven't seen it-go see it. Plus, there's also a Symphonic Winds concert, that's rumored to be excellent and an interesting play being put on by the theater department. Its a comedic play called "Art." Or if none of those fine arts fit your fancy there's usually a midnight football game going on at mall on the weekends.Either way, its nice way to relax after week of studying and homework to be followed by a week of tests.

Ciao, Ninja!!!v.jpeg

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