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Mike has worked at Morris as an Admissions Counselor since he graduated from Morris in 2003 with a Music major and a K-12 teaching license in Instrumental Music. He currently works with students from the twin cities metro area in Minnesota and from the great state of North Dakota.

February 15, 2009

Tis the season... for Financial Aid.

Good Sunday evening,

Now that Valentine's Day has past, it is time to clear all the candy hearts off the dining room table and get cracking on the next step in the college search. Drum roll please... wait for it, wait for it, wait for it... the FAFSA! If you love acronyms, get ready to live because the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is full of them. Perhaps you are saying to yourself, "Wait one second, Mike... back this trolley up. What is this FAFSA and why do I need to fill it out?" Not to worry, the Financial Aid Office in Morris has you covered. Click on the picture below to head on over to Financial Aid's site about the FAFSA and how to fill it out.


I know what you're thinking, my parents do this whole FAFSA thing, right? Not quite. While it is true that your parent(s)/guardian(s) will need to help you with the FAFSA in most cases, your information will be needed too. I was in your shoes once and take it from me, the more you stay involved in the financial aid process now, the better off you'll be when you finish college. I'll admit, it is not as exciting as playing Rock Band on expert, but then what is, right?!

Of course, if you have any questions about the process of applying for financial aid at Morris, just give a ring up to the Financial Aid Office at 800-992-8863.

Well, my work here is done for one more night. As always, give a shout if I can help with anything as your college search continues. I'm hoping to see you all at Don's Cafe in downtown Morris next fall! (because that means you are a student at Morris, now do you get it?)

Reporting live from Behmler Hall, I'm Mike Vandenberg.

December 11, 2008

Those were the days...

Warm greetings from Morris,

Last evening, I was sitting by my fireplace listening to some old Count Basie albums while sipping some hot chocolate. In the midst of the tune One O’clock Jump, my mind wandered back to when I was a senior in high school at Mound Westonka. Mid December of my last year in high school, I remember it well... The flurry of activity, the late nights, the early mornings, the Italian dunkers for lunch (oh man, I could go for some of those right now!), yes of course… it was college application season. Did I get that letter from Morris, I would say to myself every day after school. Of course that day finally did come, after what seemed like an eternity (I think it was actually just a month or so.) Those were the days...

Now I’m on the other side of the fence, helping high school students work through the maze that is the college search. It is easy to forget how busy life was as a high school senior; how quickly that first few months of the year past me by. Well to all of you prospective Morris students out there, that is why I (and all the other Admissions Counselors at Morris) am here! Consider me your second set of eyes, always trying to keep one step ahead when it comes to dates, deadlines, and forms to fill out. One of the major things that I do at this time of year is remind students to apply for admission by our upcoming deadline, which happens to be December 15th. This date also happens to be the deadline for our competitive scholarships at Morris, so do not miss out on applying for these very generous awards! You can find out all the info you need to apply for admission at this page and all the info you need on scholarships at this page

As always, please feel free to email your Admissions Counselor anytime with questions about Morris, this link will help you find which counselor works with your area. Once you do that, of course we want you to come out and see us on campus! Just surf over to our visit page and set up your campus tour!. If you're lucky, I might even wear my best suit the day you're on campus.


Until next time, this is Mike Vandenberg, reporting live from good ol' Behmler Hall in Morris.

September 16, 2008

Students arrive, I hit the road...

August in Morris is one of my favorite times of year. The month begins with the oh so awesome Stevens County Fair and ends with all the students arriving on campus. Sunday, August 24th was a perfect day on campus as mini van after SUV pulled up behind the residence halls. The Morris Move-In Crew was back on campus early to help the new students bring in all of their computers, plasma tvs, disco balls, drum sets, cases of easy mac, and snowmobile suits. It brought me right back to September 1997 when my family and I pulled up to Pine Hall in this place called Morris to unload all of my stuff into room 20. It was quite an exciting day, especially the anticipation of meeting my roommate Conor for the first time. Long story short, my first year was all that I could have hoped for.

A lot has changed since I moved my things to Morris in the year of Hanson and the Spice Girls. Of course I no longer have MmmBop stuck in my head, but more importantly I'm working to find the future Morris students that I know are out there. Sunday, September 7th marked the first day that I hit the road from Morris for another year of recruiting. Much to my surprise, North Dakota would be my destination for the first time in my five years of Admissions at Morris. I packed my bags, stopped at Willie's Supervalu for some Cheese-Nips, fruit snacks, and granola bars, and I set out for certain fun in Dickinson, ND. I arrived at the Holiday Inn Express just after dinner on Sunday. "AAAwwweeesome!" I remember yelling out loud to myself as I saw the giant sign for Happy Joes pizza in the parking lot next to my hotel. For those of you that have enjoyed a Joe's pizza before, there is no explanation necessary. I grabbed my pizza, turned on some football, and prepared for a week of college fairs.

Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed my first extended visit to North Dakota. I even found a little time to explore Roosevelt National Park near Medora, ND.

I've met some really cool students over the past two weeks in North Dakota. I am actually back this week for some more college fairs and am writing this entry in Jamestown, ND. My first couple days back on the road have given me a full tank of energy for another year of travel and meeting a lot of future Morris students. If you happen to be one of those students reading this, take this opportunity to explore the Morris website. Look for your major, find the student club you want to be in, scope out the next jazz concert (email me for free tickets), and surf over to our visit page and set up your campus tour! Oh and don't let me forget, now is the perfect time to submit your application for admission, which can also be done online... how convenient! While you start your exploration on the Morris website, I'll be looking forward to meeting you, the future Morris student, on campus or on the road this year.

With that, it is time for me to track down some dinner and find the Twins on TV. Reporting live from Jamestown, ND, I'm Mike Vandenberg for the Morris Admissions Office.

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