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March 22, 2011

Minnesota Tour

Well it had to happen sooner or later. Class is back in session and I'm back here at work. Speaking of work I have been applying for internships like mad lately. I've even had quite a few interviews so far. I'm pretty nervous about all of the possible opportunities.
The other thing keeping me busy is the Minnesota Tour for the choir. We are going to Alexandria tomorrow and will be in the Twin Cities area over Friday and this weekend. We have over 15 songs to sing for the tour. That is quite a bit of memorization. It should be fun though. I've also been assigned a new job for said tour. I am in charge of group B for setting up. Oh boy.
Classes being back in session is pretty nice though. I like to see all my college friends and professors. The break was really nice though. I got to relax just about every day and I also got to eat all sorts of good food, since I wasn't the one cooking :D St. Patrick's day was also nice. I got to spend it with my girlfriend and her family. With all that fun I still had a little bit of homework to do. I found out that I was wrong on the due date for one of my assignments. I had to watch a movie called The Elephant Man. It is about a man with tumors on his head which caused him to have a very disfigured face. The story was mainly about how he went from being a freak-show to some one who was a member of society and not ruled by a "master" who only uses him because he makes him money. The assignment wasn't just to watch that movie though. I had to write a 1000 word response to it. That was the real fun part. (sarcasm) I did enjoy the movie and it did portray a very powerful message, which was not to use people as a means only. The assignment itself was for my intro to ethics course.
Yet another thing that is on my plate of things to do is to register for next semester. Even though it may be very far away we still register early. I've got all my classes picked out but it should be very interesting. I've got 3 computer science classes so that should be difficult but worth it. Other than that I have things to do so I better get going.
- Catch Ya Later

March 8, 2011

Spring Break Come SOON!!!

Sorry for not blogging last week I was sick but Ahh Spring Break is almost here!!! I can't wait. I've got so much time to waste sleeping and being all around lazy. The week leading up to spring break of course has got to be stressful. I've got an exam tomorrow and a paper due on Thursday. Now that is not a ton of stress but it is some none the least. I did luck out and had a class canceled for the entire week. That is keeping me happy this week rather than constantly wishing it was Friday. I must still say that I'm very excited for the week to be over. The other thing that Spring Break signifies is that the semester is half over. I only have one more half a semester till I'm a full fledged senior. Talk about nerve racking. I'm not really sure how next year will be but that is another story for another entry.
Now the real question for today is what should I do over Spring Break? I know that Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and I already know what that day is going to be like, but the rest of the week is still a mystery.

Some suggestions would be very welcome. The problem with trying to plan for Spring Break for some college students, myself included, is that paying for trips and things like that is out of the question. I'm poor and that's the truth. I pay for my schooling, food, and living expenses. The idea of a trip just costs too much. Now there are probably other things I can do like relax go, go for long walks, or hang out with other people still in town. Now I would like to hear some ideas of what could be done over the break. I think I will leave it at that. I will be back after break with another entry.
- Catch Ya Later

February 21, 2011


Well the choir is now done with A Prairie Home Companion. Everything went great and the gym was full. There were also people listening in other states and countries. It was very exciting stuff. Next, we are moving on to our Minnesota tour. We are going to Alexandria and a few places in the Twin Cities. We are singing around fifteen songs so that should be interesting. As for the rest of my time it is being dedicated to the campus radio station. We are starting our month of awesome giveaways. We are starting with Twins tickets and some other awesome prizes. The hope we have is that with the giveaways we will increase our listener ship. I'm actually currently listening to the station to see how the giveaways are going. It is going interestingly if that makes sense. Anyway those of you reading this blog should tune in either in your car or online and make a request or try and answer the question for the hour.
Back to school stuff. We almost got snowed out today. I did have a couple of classes canceled but nothing other than that. I think that a good portion of the student population go their hopes up on getting classes canceled but were sadly disappointed this morning to find out they were wrong. Classes haven't been canceled since my freshmen year which I find to be sad. Even though classes weren't canceled a few students took advantage of the fact that there was snow. They did not go to class. The reason I know this is because my database class was about half full.
- Catch Ya Later

February 15, 2011

Crunch Time

Well it is almost time for Prairie Home Companion and we are working hard till Saturday. We have rehearsals at the same time but we are cramming more songs into that time because we have no idea what we are singing in the show. We won't know what we are singing till Friday. Okay so I may have been a little misleading we do have a few songs that may be sung on Saturday. We have a couple of Latvian songs that we are planning on singing on tour. There are a few others but I'm not sure if I'll go in to more detail. Well I can't really think of anything else to say. Hope you come to the show.
-Catch Ya Later

February 8, 2011


Well I may seem like a confident person but in reality I'm not. Today was a prime example of how I get nervous just like everyone else out there. I auditioned for a solo in choir today.


Now you may ask "well why did you do that?". I did it because things like that make me extremely nervous. Now that is one of many ways to over come nervousness. Other ways include:


when it comes to being nervous about something be it a big speech or trying out for a solo being prepared for it helps immensely.

Don't dwell on it:

don't sit there and keep reminding yourself what is about to happen. Even though you know it is coming worry about the here and now.

Ask yourself what could go wrong?

You may think that if you mess up it will cost you everything when in reality you will be affected but it won't be the worst thing in the world. You could be trying out for a play and what is the worst that could happen? You don't get the role. Now, that does suck but how bad is it really? You are still alive and there will be other plays.

Try and think of things as going just the way you want them:

Having a view of what could go right will also help you with over coming those nerves. Just say to yourself "are those positive events worth doing this?" If they are then go for it.

Well that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later

February 1, 2011

On Our Way

Well we are on our way now. The semester is in full swing and I'm fairly certain I'm in the classes I want to be in. I had to switch one class because there was a class I wanted to get into that had a newly open seat. So now rather than art I'm in intro to music. :D That should be fun. Jobs are also in full swing. KUMM has been running now with new dj times and hopefully everything will be working there. I've had a few people ask to switch times and so far nothing has gone wrong. (fingers crossed) Choir is going well and Prairie Home Companion draws nearer.

We were supposed to have a concert yesterday but that got canceled due to weather. That concert was going to be with the Morris Area High School and the YME High School. It promised to be fun and we are not sure if they will be able to work out a new time. Other news around campus there was an admitted students day on Friday last week and that was interesting. I got to see all sorts of little high school seniors walking around like they were lost. Okay I'm pretty sure all seniors I saw had a guide with them so they weren't lost. Either way I hope they had a wonderful time and that they choose to come here for school.
Due to the fact that I'm a computer science major I want to experiment with some thing

Does this work

if it does sweet.

ha nice anyway not many people know what I did but if you would like to know comment on this post :D
Now I should probably get going.
-Catch Ya Later

January 24, 2011

One Week Down

Well like the title suggests we have one week down and we are starting week two. So far so good. I'm enjoying my classes and have yet to see a reason to switch my schedule. Though I do have quite a bit of reading to do for my classes I actually am enjoying the books we have to read. Discussions in my philosophy classes are great to more than two people talk and they even have different opinions. I'm getting super excited for when intramural sports start. I'm not really sure what else to blog about today. I've got some exciting news. The choir, which I'm participating in again this semester, is going to be on Prairie Home Companion. I'm pumped about being on in and having MILLIONS OF LISTENERS listen to us sing. Well I've got to head out now My shift is over.
-Catch Ya Later

January 10, 2011

Break is coming to an end

Well it's almost over. :-( All this free time and relaxing with soon be gone. Okay that may be a little dramatic but classes are starting soon and I was just getting use to waking up after 10 am. I've got things to prepare for. I've got a KUMM meeting to make new registration sheets for and I have books to buy for classes. My house-mates are starting to arrive home and I'm losing all the silence I had before. Though on the other hand it gives me people to hang out with for a while and silence does turn into loneliness after a while so it's nice to have them back. But now that people are back I'm not sure what to do with my time. I would appreciate some comments on what I could do. But who reads this anyway? I would like some comments in general I guess.
Okay this is random but something weird just happened. (okay not that strange) My keyboard just became unresponsive for a while. I couldn't type anything. But it is obviously fixed now since I'm typing.
Anyway this upcoming semester promises to be a very interesting one. I've got a goal to work much harder in my classes so hopefully that will help me keep on track. I noticed in the space "what I could do better:" on the class evaluation forms I wrote in, on all of them, "read more". Maybe I should actually do that? just a thought.
I just had another thought. I am open for suggestions on what I should blog about. Comments would make it much easier to blog. Coming up with new material each week can be difficult. Well I think that is all I've got for now.
- Catch Ya Later

January 5, 2011

Winter Breakness

Ahhh the relaxation is fantastic. No worries just family, fun time, and sleep ... and a little work. I'm back early from break to spend a little time working here at admissions. I've had a great break so far. I had some quality time with the family over Christmas. I got lots of presents (which was nice) I also got to see my nephews open their presents. That was probably more rewarding than receiving my own. Other than that over break I've just been chillin and relaxing. I've also been spending quite a bit of my time with my girlfriend. I'm looking forward to getting back to classes though. Which may sound strange but it is true. I've got quite a load. I'm taking renaissance to modern art, database systems, choir, intro to ethics, and philosophy of mind. I'm very excited for them. I'll also be doing my usual work. I'll be here in admissions and working as the program director for KUMM. Well I should really be heading out.
- Catch Ya Later

December 7, 2010

The End is Near

Okay so that may be a bit of a dramatic title. But hey, the end of the semester is only a week away. We have this week and finals week then it is Winter Break! I'm so pumped for this week and next week to be done so there is no more stress at least till next semester. The exams I have should be somewhat challenging. I have a take home exam for my systems class. Now when you think take home exam you think that should be easy. But it actually can be quite difficult. I am going to be asking plenty of questions this upcoming week so that I can do good on it. I also have a 20 page group paper due next Thursday. I have to other exams besides that. I will hopefully be done with all the work I need to do by next Tuesday. That would be very nice. I actually have quite a bit of work to do before next week and am hoping that it kind of does it self. Wouldn't that be nice.
Sadly choir is done for the semester and all we have left is meeting for next semester choir. We did our Secret Santa today and that was tons of fun. I got pancake mix and milkduds :D I really am excited for the pancakes. Other than that not much else is going on with me I may make more entries over break but who knows. In case I don't have a Happy Holiday
-Catch Ya Later

November 23, 2010


WooHoo, Thanksgiving break is finally here. Now I will get a break from all of my classes for a while. I'm super pumped for all the food and family. I'm also looking forward to watching football and passing out on the couch in a food coma. MMMMmmmm... Hopefully the weather will allow for safe travel.
But even with the break the weeks that follow will be very stressful. I have finals to prepare for, group projects to get done, and papers to write. Oh and we cannot forget that I also have Carol Concert for choir as well. We even have an early back so that we can get in more practices. So yeah I will be super busy. I will also be doing some work for what I will be doing this upcoming Summer. Yeah I already have to look for work during that time. I have to apply for internships and the like so that I have a job. I'm hoping to work somewhere in the Twin Cities.
So I cannot go this entire blog without ranting about how happy I am that Brad Childress was fired. I won't go into why I'm so happy all I will say is that it is about time. I'm hoping that Leslie Frazier has better luck. I feel that the team can get behind him and that is a good thing.
Back to things about Morris. Well we recently had the premiere of the first part of the last Harry Potter book. That was fantastic. I waited in line for about 2 hours in the cold, but boy was it worth it. After it was over I found myself super excited for the next one to come out, which isn't till this summer.
Unfortunately for our campus there has been a bit of a bug going around. It seems that where ever I turn there is someone who looks sick or looks like they are getting sick. Hopefully this is short lived since finals are coming up soon.
Well that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later

November 2, 2010

It's Been A While


And Where Back...
Wow I haven't made an entry in a while. I've been so busy that I just haven't had the time. With Halloween, KUMM, and classes I've just been so busy. Well now that I'm here I will just have to fill you in on the events that have happened in my time away. I had a wonderful Halloween though I did buy some candy for trick-or-treaters but none came to my house. Darn it looks like I will just have to eat all that candy by myself. I went to a wonderful half recital that Sunday as well. The singers did a fantastic job and the treats that came after were great. I've been busy writing papers and studying for tests other than that I've also been doing my other job at KUMM. We are looking into buying tickets to concerts and sporting events to give away as prizes so you better listen in to find out what we are giving away. I'm slowly getting more and more into choir. We will be taking our Minnesota tour soon and we are even stopping in my hometown. We are also going on a overseas tour this summer which should be tons-o-fun. I'm really looking forward to that. But I'm not looking forward to trying to pay for it. That should be interesting.
Well I think that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later

October 20, 2010

Back From Break

Well I'm back from break and ready for class. Though, I'm not really that excited for it. Halloween is coming up though so that is very exciting. We have a cornucopia activities. There is zombie prom, trick-or-can, and more. The zombie prom is very self explanatory. It is a prom where you come as a zombie. It usually goes very well and is a popular event. The thing I'm really looking forward to is passing out candy at my house. Due to the fact that I live off campus I will be able to pass out candy to the trick or treating little kids. But if there are any tricks pulled I'm not going to be a very happy camper. I will be forced to pull some tricks of my own... Muwahahahahahahah! okay that's enough of a menacing laugh. I won't be being evil around Halloween. I will be dressed as a superhero villain though. I am being Obadiah Stane. So I get to shave my head and dye the rest of the hair on my head gray. I have a plan, which is nice. To often I find myself without a plan. Anyway I better get going.
-Catch Ya Later

October 11, 2010


Woohoo! fall break is next weekend! I can hardly wait. I will be doing a whole lot of nothing over fall break and it's going to be great. I will be hanging around Morris but there is plenty of stuff for me to do. I can visit my nephews or I can just sit around being lazy. I am a little disappointed though. I have a choir concert on the Thursday night before break and I will be missing it since I will be competing in a programming contest. I would like to be in the concert but I really want to compete. So when I made the decision I was at a bit of a cross roads. There are plenty of concerts during the year but not that many programming contests. Hopefully we are able to keep the traveling trophy at our school. We are sending two very good teams to Thief River Falls so It should be interesting. digi key.jpg

I'm not entirely sure on when we are leaving for said competition but I sure am excited for it. I do have plenty of stuff to make up in the time I am missing though. I'm not looking forward to that. The making up I need to do will be made up before we leave on Thursday. So I'll be turning in a paper a day early taking a exam two days early and lucky for me my CSci course is with the professor that is also the coach so I don't have anything to make up there.

October 4, 2010

Two Weeks

Just two weeks left till fall break. Oh yeah I'm super excited to relax and write a paper... okay maybe not the paper part but I do get to relax. I'm also very excited for the coding contest that I'm participating in with a team of other computer science majors. I also am taking part in a homecoming concert with alumni as part of the choir. That requires I wake up before 11 am on Sunday and go in for practice. I'm not really a morning person when it comes to the weekend. And yes, 11 am on a Sunday is morning to me. I like my sleep. I do have a take home test to worry about this week which so far has been everything but easy. I'll admit that the first couple of problems I did weren't too hard but they weren't super easy either. I'm still a bit confused on part of it but that is what my prof's office hours are for. :D Currently the biggest thing I'm worried about is how far The Twins will make it into the post season. I said that if they make it too the world series I will shave my facial hair so that I only have sideburns and a mustache for Mauer and Pavano. Yeah I'm really looking forward to the first series versus The Yankees. It should be a good one. Well that's all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later

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